Monday, February 15, 2010

weekend rewind-play by play edition

i don't even want to talk about it.

Not Valentine's...but the Olympics.

Okay, so you already know that we go to bed early. For me to stay up past 9 takes effort or caffeine. So when i'm getting all excited about the Opening ceremonies, i didn't take time into consideration, because i thought the thrill alone would keep me awake.


First, Daniel and I were right in front of the tv at 6:30pm sharp friday night, like we were supposed to be.
(after eating our Zuppa Toscana soup!) mmmmmm

 We didn't realize there was an hour and half of coverage before they actually started!!! After the teams walked in i laid on the couch till 10 with my eyes closed. I claimed i was 'listening' to it. I was SO determined to stay up till the torch was lit. But after fighting sleep for an hour, i just went to bed. When Daniel came to bed later i asked who lit the torch, but fell back asleep before he could answer.

So friday did not live up to my expectations. Saturday and Sunday EXCEEDED them!!!

sidenote: I did wake up on Fri to a card made by Daniel, asking me to be his Valentine!! (i said yes)

Saturday  nite we had a SS party for church. We don't really know anyone, so we were excited about having a chance to mingle outside of SS. We had the best time!!!! We went to a couple's house for dinner (which was decorated with flowers, decorations, and fine china!). We really enjoyed getting to know the other people in our class and learning more about their story.

We woke up and it was snowing. This was not in the forecast nor was it expected. But by the time we left for church, there was a nice covering of white stuff all over.

It was also V-day (and our 3 month anniversary!)

Daniel made me breakfast-scrambled eggs w/ cheese and toast! yummmy!!!

We had leftovers after church on Sunday, but used the fine china and lit every candle in the world to make it romantic :)
Sunday afternoon I lounged on the couch complaining that the only thing on was the Biathalon. Daniel and I agree that this is a competition...not so sure if it qualifies as an Olympic sport in our mind.....

We exchanged presents (we're on a budget, so we got small gifts). I got Burt Bee's calming leg and foot lotion (since my legs are now sore from learning to be a runner!!!) and a couple of new lip balms i've been wanting. I gave Daniel a tracker book he wanted and The Economist mag.

(ok don't let the double chin throw you, Daniel isn't chubby)

Ok, so the good part....DINNER!
We went to a local Indian restaurant, which we both l.o.v.e. LOVE!!! We had samosa's (not mimosa's), wine, tandori chicken, chicken tikka, dal, naan, lamb, and some potato stuff that i can never remember the name of.

can we say 'delicious?' 

I know it sounds like a lot of food, but we had no problem cleaning our plates!!!

THEN we got home and Daniel had more surprises!! He made me dessert- Valentine Tarts. Ummmmmm......probably my new fave dessert, which is saying a lot!!! Words can't describe the delight my tastebuds received from devouring the yumminess!

it's like a choclately pudding goodness, with whip cream, strawberry, and yes, you do see chocolate lace!

THEN....Daniel got out his guitar and sang me a new song he had written for me. (Daniel has written me 2 songs before for our 5 month dating anniversary.) OF COURSE...i cried :) It was the perfect way to end the day :)

Is it weird that i post about almost every meal i eat?? i think i just want the blogworld to feel involved...hmmmm



  1. sooooooooo romantic! That Daniel sure does have the sweetest heart!!!!!! indian i am hungry!!!!!!!!

    so glad you had fun at the ss party!!!!!

  2. How fun! The dessert looks yummy! Will he be making it in April when I visit???

  3. Y'all make my teeth hurt you're so sweet.

  4. The Economist! Awesome, I knew you picked a cool guy!

    You crack me up, I know I said this before, but reading I can totally hear you saying everything. Love it!

  5. You two are as cute as can be. That dessert looks delicious!