Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weekend Rewind

We're old. So old in fact, that we go to bed by 10 (10:30 if we're pushing it) on Friday nites and getting up at 8 is 'sleeping in.' i'm assuming we did something on friday, but it seems so long ago i can't remember what it was.

(after asking Daniel, I remember)

We had tacos and watched Pearl Harbor. I bought a copy of it while overseas, and apparently had the directors cut which includes VERY graphic scenes. This is one of my fave movies, so i knew it pretty well. But when I was closing my eyes from the gore, i knew something was up. A small google search later and i discovered it. Just not sure what to do now....

Saturday was a day of cleaning, some rest, and having friends over for dinner. Daniel also fixed our vacuum. I thought it needed a new bag (after it started smoking so bad the last time i used it and nearly caught on fire). But the belt was actually broken, so Daniel willingly went and bought a new belt and fixed it. This is another moment that i'm glad to have Daniel in my life. Because if it were up to me, i would've thought the vacuum was a complete loss or complained to some poor customer service person who didn't deserve my wrath.

We had friends over for dinner Sat nite and had a great time. Our friends are soon to be married, which is fun for us, because we were in their shoes just a few months ago. So of course we passed on our wisdom and ways we have perfected our own marriage. (HA!)

Note: if you're not someone who is REALLY close to me, i go into panic mode before hosting anyone. I clean like i've never cleaned before (while Daniel helps but is still confused on why the remote control needs to be antibacterialized), and i think that people will obviously notice if  there is a crumb on the floor or a book out of place.

weird, i know. but this is who i am.

I will also hyperventilate if the food does not go as planned. When I accidentally mixed up one of the layers on the lasagna on Sat night, our house was declared in a state of emergency. If you think i'm kidding, ask Daniel. Bless him for even choosing to be around me while i am like this. :)

* the lasagna still turned out great, who knew*

Sunday, we had an AMAZING time at church. From Sunday school (i still call it this, even though most churches now have a special name instead) to big church (it will always be big church to me), there was conviction, guilt, peace, redemption, growth, and my favorite, worship.

2 girls at church sang a Barlow Girl song, "You Led me" which i've never heard before but still cannot get out of my head. I LOVE IT!!!! I think it's kind of old, but i've never really listened to Barlow Girl, so all of their songs are new to me.

 Sunday was definitely one of those pivotal days for me. not just a good time at church where i felt fuzzy and warm or my favorite songs were played, but one of those times where you know you'll remember that service for many days to come.

Most of Sunday afternoon was spent in preparation for the Super Bowl! But i got so busy baking and cooking, that i missed most of what happened.
First: we had homemade hummus with garlic naan. SO good. I added extra paprika for a little bit of a kick.

 THEN, we had pizza! when we make pizza we put about 10 pounds of toppings on it. I mean, can you really eat too much bell pepper? we don't think so either. Daniel won't eat black olives, so i just put them on my side :)

To finish it off, we had White Almond Wedding Cake. I even took store bought frosting and put my own twist to it (added powdered sugar, milk, and almond extract). Watch out Martha Stewart.

I kind of feel like my new interest in cooking/baking is a little late.  i wish i'd started learning these things sooner. i have new appreciation for people who whip up things from scratch or know how to improve or fix recipes on their own just from experience or know-how. A few months ago, when i was really exploring cooking for the first time, I had my phone glued to my ear as i pestered Sarah with non-stop questions. She joked she was going to start charging me. luckily, i haven't received that bill yet.

This week has been good so far, running errands, working out, cooking dinner, watching TBL...

- I've mentioned it before, but not sure people really understand, we are REALLLLLLY excited about the Olympics. We will be glued to our TV for the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night, and most likely every night after that for 2 weeks.
- it's still extremely cold here...yesterday the wind chill was 5 degrees on the way to work.....i'm so ready for the spring so we can ride our bikes outside!
-Daniel taught me how to ride a bike (apparently you CAN forget between the age of 11 and 26)
-I've never been to Disney World or New York, but i'm dying to go


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  1. Mmm, that pizza looks tasty! (and I looove Barlow Girl and just recently "discovered" them. Where have I been???)