Friday, February 26, 2010

Who's a runner??? I AM!!!!!!

Okay, so i've been writing this blog in my head for the last day or so. I was pretty discouraged about my running. I was supposed to hit my 3 mile marker by March 11th. Yeah, that's in 2 weeks. So I should have moved on from my 2 mile marker. I tried a few times to make it past the 2 miles. Last Saturday, I made it to 2.15, but thought i was going to die. weak right?

I told Sarah, it's not mental for me that i'm not getting past the 2 miles, it's just so physically hard (yes, i'm serious). I am struggling the last 3/10. All these thoughts have been going thru my head 'oh my gosh, what if i have plateaued?? is 2 miles my plateau!? will i never make it past this point!?' (i can be slightly dramatic)

I was wandering online today on blogs of people i don't know, and read a few encouraging posts. not so much about running, but about meeting goals and pushing thru. Sarah ran 3.1 miles today, and i could barely stand it. This is her 2nd time to run 3 miles, and i'm still hanging around at 2??????

So today, I stretched more than I usually do, psyched myself up, and let myself warm up a few minutes more before starting the run. I decided to take it down 1/10 on my speed to see if that would make a difference. I figured i didn't mind running 30 seconds or so more if i felt better.

oh my gosh did i feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ran the whole time just breathing in and out thru my nose, feeling so in control, and not like i was going to die. I felt so focused, like i was going to conquer this 2 miles. (sidenote: Amy wrote on my fb wall that i was 'going to OWN the race' she was talking in reference to the 5K i am running in April and just registered for) I heard those words when i was running, and told myself i was going to OWN this run!! (thanks for the encouragement Amy!!)

Now for the most exciting news......I didn't just run 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, or even 3 miles today.

I RAN 3.25 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went from 2.15 to 3.25!!!!! It took me just a few seconds longer, but i felt SOOOOOO good! I mean literally words cannot describe this feeling!!! Daniel was in shock as he ran next to me. He kept looking over waiting for me to stop, and i just kept going. Yes, i'm competitive and would not stop at 3.1, I HAD to beat Sarah.

Now i don't want to be all braggy or 'look at me,' i'm just excited and want to include you on my journey. I would have never thought i would run this long or far. Now i'm thinking, if i can do 3.25, what's to stop me from doing 4???


I'm feeling SO good and loved that when i stopped my run i didn't feel like i was going to collapse. So i'll probably keep with the slower pace and see where it goes :)

I made Daniel take pics of me when we got home to 'capture the moment.' no  i don't care what i look like. i just ran 3.25 miles!!!!


Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me, given running tips, ran beside me, called with motivating words, and just walking, i mean running, with me thru this!



  1. Aww man! Now I have to run 3.5 miles to beat you. This competitiveness is going to kill me. (Or help me lose weight) ughhhh!! I guess its back on the treadmill tomorrow.

  2. YOU ARE SO AWESOME! Way to go, girl!

    I also think you are awesome for running on a treadmill...I'm so freaked out by those things. ;)



  3. Yay!!! Way to go girl! I actually have a little tear in my eye - I'm so proud for you! You can do anything you set your mind to!!!

  4. Oh my gosh....your so my hero!!!!!!! H-E-R-O