Saturday, February 20, 2010

a little bit of everything less than 3 hours it will officially be the weekend for me and Daniel! yay!! we both feel like this has been a really long week. It's been a great week, just LONG.

We're going to see Avatar 3D at the IMAX tonight!!! SO excited, it's both our first 3D movie. We're also having dinner out and labeling tonight as 'date night.' i've always heard married people say that date nights come and go with no dates bc life is too busy.
I've noticed that even though we've only been married 3 months and don't have kids, it's still hard to be intentional. But i guess that's the key....intentional.

I'm not sure if this will make sense but here goes:

While Daniel and i 'dated' for about 8 months before getting engaged, our first date was 7 months into our relationship. We were both living overseas and things just needed to look different during that time. We were also long distance for most of it. I think that is why dates are important to me. They're something i put high importance on. I value them. I still appreciate the fact that we are no longer long distance, and that we don't have real boundaries on time with one another. it's still a new freedom that i'm realizing we have. I still feel like Daniel and i are dating at times. There are SO many things we've never done as a couple. It's fun to experience things that people usually do while they're dating, and we're doing a few months into our marriage. I'm grateful that i can publicly walk hand in hand with Daniel. I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness when i look back on our story, and realize there's still so much more!

Here's a pic from our first date! Daniel made us a picnic lunch (enough food for a small army). We went for a bike ride through the mountains, and we both got flat tires on the way home. It was perfect!

So back to weekend plans :)

 (sidenote, i had no idea this post was going to go where it i process life, ya'll get snippets of my thoughts thru the blog)

Tomorrow Daniel is going to teach me more about his online study tools that he uses. I love the Greek/Hebrew meanings in the Bible, and would love to know more about how to find original meanings, stuff like that.

We're also going shopping! I feel like i haven't shopped in a really long time. (Yes, we are still sticking with the Dave Ramsey plan.) What's interesting is that Daniel and I are both enablers. When one of us wants something, the other person encourages the other to buy it.
We say things like 'well, you don't have that color yet, it looks great on you (translation=buy it!), or you've been wanting this for a long time, of course you should buy it.' At least we know that about ourselves, so the person buying usually has to exert more will power to say no than the enabling tagalong.

(speaking of tagalongs, those are my FAVE girl scout cookies!)

I'm making a broccoli cheese frittata tomorrow night. I've never made one, and am interested to see how it turns out. The recipe says to put the skillet in the oven.
Weird, right? i've seen cooks do this on tv, but it freaks me out for some reason. I mean, isn't that why we have Pyrex??
Anyways, i'll try it and hopefully survive. (the reason it scares me to put a skillet in the oven, is i'm extremely afraid of fire....and this is a fire waiting to happen in my mind)

Any spare moment this weekend, will of course be spent watching the Olympics!!!!

Happy weekend everyone! I hope i haven't confused you :)


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  1. Matt & I had a date night to see Avatar over Christmas break (while home with free childcare). We both enjoyed it --hope you do too! (but its ration your snacks to last the whole movie) :) Being "intentional" is the key...and its great that you know that three months into marriage. I think its so important to continue the having purposeful activities in life ---to purposefully continue to "woo" your spouse and have fun together. Oh---I better stop before I leave a novel for a comment.
    Happy Date-Night!