Monday, February 22, 2010

weekend rewind

This weekend was great! It brought time to relax, have fun, and go shopping!

Daniel and I had our 'date nite' on Friday. We went to Outback-SO good! Then we went to see Avatar at the IMAX. Avatar is a separate blog in itself. The 3D was beyond words, and the movie....WOW! we're both dying to see it again. Of course, Daniel and i talked non-stop after the movie, trying to analyze and figure things out. I actually teared up at one point-but again that's another post, coming soon.

(here's a peek of what we looked like)

Friday was a 'late' night, since we didn't go to bed till 11. pm. yes, 11pm. we like to live on the edge.

Saturday we ventured to the mall for Auntie Anne's free pretzel day (after working out of course!) and to get some clothes for me. I usually like to go shopping. However, if you're short like me, it can be a challenge. It really bothers me that stores have 'regular' lengths in the stores and all the petites online. how can i try them on if it's only online? or should short people be penelized to pay more in shipping and return costs? grrr!

this is my confused face. because i don't understand why stores think we were all born the same height.

For those of you who don't know, Daniel is outdoorsy. He has all the gear-tents, bags, ropes, clothing, fire-starters, knives (a lot of knives) and a lot of stuff that i have no idea what it's for. But i appreciate that he is always prepared. i know when we're parents, i'll be sending the kids to him, bc he'll be the one with the bandaid. I bought Daniel a knot book last year, and some of Saturday was spent learning to tie knots. Daniel learned, I watched.

Saturday i tried the Broccoli Cheese Frittata. remember, the one where you put the skillet in the oven? 
which i still think is weird. but it worked. I think i messed up on how i did the broccoli, but it was tasty and i later found out, SO low cal. yay!

I'll def make this again, but add more to it. Maybe sausage, peppers, or more eggs......i like that it's flexible.

THEN...tonight, I made stuffed peppers in the crock pot. We both love bell pepper. So I wanted to surprise Daniel with this meal, cos i was reallly hoping he'd like it. Hiding a meal from him was hard, so i made Daniel sit in the other room.  :)  it's basically meat, cheese, rice, onion, and tomatoes in bell pepper. yum :)



We're now watching Amazing Race and getting ready for the Monday. hope everyone had a good weekend!!


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