Monday, February 8, 2010

Home sweet Home


I've been wanting to do this post for a while now. My family lives in Texas and i wanted to show them what our home looks like. I also dedicate this post to my sister, Sarah, who has been nagging me about this for a while :)

Come on in:  

Below: i stole (i mean 'borrowed') the blue chair from my parents....

Below: Daniel and I bought this rug together the day after we got engaged...we call it our marriage rug :)

Below: We just got the painting on the right from Caroline for our wedding/Christmas present. We love the colors!! We're in the process of hanging it :) (washer and dryer on right)

Below: Caroline also painted the red flowers, we have gotten SO many compliments on this painting!

Below: closet on left (opposite bookcase) holds our bikes, vacuum and shoes.

The guest room- the huge sword is the wedding present I gave to Daniel when we were married this past November. I gave it to him to represent that he is the protector and fighter for our family.

We also use the guest room for all the extra stuff that hasn't found it's home yet...

Below: the guest bathroom

Below: our wedding cake topper and vases from Bangkok that Daniel gave to me for Valentine's  last year

Below: this is our the side of the dining room

Below: our bathroom!

There ya go! Hope you enjoyed!!! I'll be posting about our weekend soon including pics of all the food i made.

******* Daniel has a blog!!!!!!! We're actually sitting next to each other right now blogging together. sometimes we're so cute i can't stand it, hahaahhahahha!



  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks totally different from october! i love the blue chair and the new comforter! is that embroidery above the bed??? what country? OH IT LOOKS painting looks kinda dark for your place (the new one) worries the bird one is almost done for you so you can relocate it hahaha.

    looks great! love you

  2. What a fun post, Laura. You have a nice & cozy home. Your friend is a talented artist. I like her style! :)

  3. ps...I love the wedding gift you gave Daniel! So awesome. Do I live far enough away to steal your idea for a gift for Matt?


  4. I love your apartment, it is so cute! I can't wait till April and I can see it in person. I love the shelf in the guest bathroom. Super cute!

  5. Love the house! You guys are too cute!