Friday, July 23, 2010

woo hoo for me!!

I've wanted to recap my training for a while now, and kind of share where i'm at. I just finished week 5. i REALLY wasn't sure if i was going to be able to do it on time, because i was sick most of last week and didn't get in my work outs.
I persevered and tried to keep my work outs on target this week if it killed me. at times, it really felt like it would kill me, ha!
About 2 weeks ago, when i ran 4 miles (for the first time on the training outside), i knew it was a big moment for me. if i couldn't run 4 miles outside, i didn't feel like i would ever be able to move past the 3 mile mark.

Well run 4 miles i did....SLOOOOOWLY!!!!

Last night......was a defining moment in my running career.

I RAN 5 MILES OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at least....i think i did. I run out at the lake sometimes, and i find it impossible to read the maps (i actually got lost last night), so i ran for about 63 minutes. I'm assuming if i didn't hit the 5 mile mark, i got extremely close. It was reallly reallly hard. I hydrated all day (about 10 glasses of water) and i had an immediate side stitch for the first mile or so. and believe me, it wasn't because i was running too fast.

should i mention that the temperature was 90, with heat index of 95??? yeah.........

I ran SO slow. whenever i run a new longer distance i run really slow because i'm afraid i won't make it. as long as the walkers aren't passing me, it's considered running, hhahahahahahaha!

also, lesson learned....i started my run too late in the evening. it was after 9 by the time i finished and i didn't appreciate being in the dark at a park alone.....i'll have to start earlier next week, esp with running further. but death by heat stroke is not the way i wanna go......

To prepare for my 5 miler, i geared up. there's actually a nice  little running store nearby, with pretty nice people that work there. I bought this:

it was a total impulse buy. I like pink, but i would've preferred another color or something on it. and the black stripe is the tag. i was so excited i forgot to take it off. i did need a running hat, because running with sunglasses weirds me out, and i currently have 3 pairs of sunglasses that are all messed up in some way/broken. and this was really comfy to wear.

and also this:

p.s. i wore it wrong the first half of the run by just putting it on my fingers....which led to them cramping up and me hating this water bottle. but then i realized i was the problem and started wearing it like a normal person. ALSO, i learned that running in high temp's and drinking lukewarm water is not my idea of a party.

note to self: freeze the bottle first or put in lots of ice!


i knew i couldn't make it 5 miles in sweltering heat without drinking water. Supposedly i run by 3 water fountains on the lake trail. i have NO idea where they are. I looked for them the whole time i was running and didn't see one. i'm pretty sure the whole online map thing is a scam.

and yes, i'm sore today. i've never been sore from running, until now. but my legs hurt. and i like it!!!
i love knowing/feeling that i pushed my body to new limits and more than it has ever done before. it's a great feeling!
a year ago i wasn't even running a mile!!! love love love it!

next week is 6 miles and i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am SOOOOO stinkin' proud of you!!! That really is a huge matter the time or the speed. You are awesome, Laura!!! WAHOOOOOOOOO

  2. WAy to go girl!!! 5 miles is a BIG milestone and you took it on strong!

    Yes, freeze your water bottle about half way. Then pour cold water over that when you are ready to head out. It will still melt, but obv will stay colder longer and won't be as loud as ice cubes!
    Also, wrap a paper towel around the bottle to protect your hand from the ice and will absorb the condensation and you'll have nice cool, wet rag to wipe your face down with post run.
    Keep running girl!