Friday, July 9, 2010

July 4th weekend

ok, so i have to say first-i did have a good fourth of july. but, i am slightly bitter towards the city of Fayetteville.....

I got off work early on Friday, and headed home. We had fish and veggies courtesy of Daniel. The veggies were some of the best i've ever had!!! i'll have to get the recipe and post it later for ya'll.

Saturday i was running by 7, and we were on the road by 9!

here we are!!

this was pretty much our view the entire drive...

yay for state lines!!!

 Our lovely room complete with fresh made cookies each day on our bed. they were yummy! Daniel waited as long as he could and then devoured them......

We spent the first part of the afternoon in the room waiting out the rain. We both agreed that it was our fave part of the weekend.....we just talked and had REALLY good conversation. we usually always are talking, but it was nice to have uninterrupted, no rushing convo.

it was raining, so we went to see The Last Airbender. it was good, and different. not sure about it yet. but it was in 3d, which makes everything better!

We headed out to Dixon street to do some shopping and eat......this is where the trip took a turn.....
EVERYTHING closed early on Saturday and was closed the entire weekend!!! who closes on July 4th?? grrrrrrrr.......... where were the parades? the holiday sales??

i love trains!!

Daniel all excited with his tourist info book. sidenote....there was a Bikers, Babes, and Bling event that was in town on saturday. someone asked if we were there for the bike stuff.....and i was like 'um no' but thanks for asking.
someone also asked if we were from there, which i loved!!! one of the biggest compliments i can get when i'm travelling is when someone thinks i'm a local. this happened in hawaii too, and i still think about it -hahhaaha!!

BBQ sounded good, so we went to Sassy's and loved it!!! they had homemade bbq sauce that i could've drank by the bottle!!!!

We loved the little place we stayed at! it was cute, quaint, and had VERY comfortable beds!!

Our plan for the day was to go downtown and shop shop shop... again.....that was the plan...

our home for the weekend....

it had beautiful landscaping....very relaxing....

senior photos!!

this is how i normally look.... (squinty eyes)

this is me trying to appear normal with open eyes....not sure if it worked.... ha!

then we headed shop......this is what we saw.....

with everything being closed...naturally i had to pee. shocking. i used the following 3 times......

yes, i had my hand sanitizer with me.....

this is me mad at the city of Fayetteville...

since there was literaly nothing open....we decided to play around the train and take pics....ok....I decided. :)

ok yes, on some VERY deep level, i was glad these people were home with their families and enjoying the day off. but on my very superficial selfish level, i did not appreciate them depriving me of trying to support our US economy.

we took our chances and headed for the open road...aka....Lake Fayetteville!!! i liked this place....there were mile markers for runners. it's the little things really :)

For lunch we headed to a place called Marketplace Express. we had never heard of it, but it looked good.
I had the chicken salad sandwhich and jambalaya....SO yum! and the people there were really nice!

 Daniel had a roast dip thingy and fruit...

Sunday night we hit the town and went to a place i found called Noodles Italian. we dressed up to make it special, ha!

this was some of the best chicken parm i have ever tasted!!

Monday - Eureka Springs!!!!! stayed tuned peeps!


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  1. That chicken parm is HUGE!!! Sorry everything was closed, no fun!