Saturday, July 24, 2010

week in review

as i sit here and type this i'm surrounded by cupcakes, chai, and mochas...mmmmm....mmmm it's a good friday night!


i've had so much icing already....i'm just waiting for the diabetic shock to hit.

i know i said this last week, but it's been a week! not as busy as last week, but not enough down time, that's for sure!!

Daniel was out of town this week for work, which i am not a fan of. even though i lived in the apartment for a few months before we got married, it always takes me a LONG time to go to sleep when he's not there. and newsflash...i like my sleep :)

SO, i figured i would have all this amazing "me" time to relax, read, bubble baths, etc...... actually none of that happened. Between working out and keeping up the house, then talking to Daniel on the phone before bed....there went my night!

One fun thing this week, is that we had a staff day in my office. I was able to be on the planning committee, and we went bowling for a few hours on Wednesday.....

There were about 30 of us, and we just enjoyed a few rounds of bowling.

now...sidenote: i generally don't like to go bowling. I liked it in high school, but that was several years ago. so i didn't have hugh expectations for this day as far as my enjoyment level.....

but little did i know.....

i actually had a good time!!  my competitive spirit came out and i really got into it!

My high score was 84. yes, that was the my HIGHEST, ha!! i did get a strike, which i'm not sure i've ever gotten before. so that boosted the ol ego a little bit!

here are my co-planners! we had a great time and worked really together!

  plans for the weekend??

run 4 miles in the am tomorrow, eat pancakes & healthy breakfast sausage, run errands, then eat black bean quesadillas for dinner and enjoy a night in!

on a completely different note. i'm missing somebody right now. actually, 2 somebody's.

can you not just gobble them up?!?!?!

I miss them.  A LOT!!! i really thought that once i was living in the states i would see these little guys a lot. but, i probably won't see them for about 5 months. i. hate. that. they live in houston, i live in Oklahoma. and apparently i'm expected to show up to this thing called 'work.' i want time with them. i have this fear that i won't be a part of their lives, that they won't know me. it's one thing to live in a different country, but to be so close and not get to hug them and be their favorite fun aunt....that's heartbreaking.

hate to leave this on such a sad note....SO....ummmm i'm thinking of running the White Rock half in dallas in december. i'm pondering. if i can run the 15k in september, i'm not too worried. but there's a hug difference from running 5 miles to running 13. we'll see.

i told Daniel tonight that if i ever run a marathon i'm getting a tattoo of 26.2, hahahahahah! we'll see, hahaahah!!

have a great weekend!



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