Sunday, July 18, 2010

random ramblings


i took this pic after running 2 miles on a treadmill, indoors. wow. i feel like i sweat off my chick fil a that day :)

i know, it's kinda gross, but just looking at this picture motivates me to keep running. speaking of......ummmm yeah this was week 4 of training, which was a down week of sorts. i was supposed to just run 2 miles 3X and then do some cross training and weights. BUT i got sick starting tuesay and still not over it. i feel better, but with congestion and not being able to breathe, it really makes running hard/impossible.

So i ran today, which was supposed to be 4 miles. ummmm yeah that didn't happen. i started off dehydrated AND all sinusy. so i stopped at 1.5 miles. my body felt like i could keep going physically, but the sinus drainage wasn't pretty.

So i'm not sure if i should alter my training this next week or what? bc i'm supposed to hit 5 miles this week, and after missing so much this week i'm just not sure what to do.

 thoughts??? advice???

even though it was an insane week, there were good times. It was Sherry's (MIL) & Mike (BIL) birthday this week. all the family went to El Chico (yes, i love them enough to eat mexican)

here are the random pics, courtesy of my husband....

birthday girl:

birthday boy:



and my "really daniel?"

On a sidenote: i've become addicted to HGTV. the shows where they try to find a buyer a house and show them a few options to choose from? yeah, i can't get enough. maybe bc i feel like i'm living vicariously thru these people and strongly believe they can hear me and are listening to what i'm telling them thru the tv.....idk. but sadly, Daniel is not addicted. he puts up with it like i put up with his Mythbusters. i guess we'll just stick with the food channel-something we easily can agree on!!

also, i just mopped using vinegar. where has this been all my life???? seriously, if you google vinegar and cleaning you will be amazed at the endless possibilities!!!! i've already used it on the drain, disposal, coffee pot, and counters!!! it's my new love.

and i forgot to tell ya'll.......while i'm actually training for a 15k, there ACTUALLY is a 15k in Fort worth on September 6th!!! how crazy is that?!?!? so if training goes well these next few weeks i'm signing up!!! if you live in the DFW area feel free to make posters and signs to cheer me on. no, it doesn't matter if you're a stranger. i'll take any encouragement i can get :)



  1. Mileage, schmileage. Don't sweat (ha) being off schedule a bit. Training is just that, training. You'll get back to where you need to be gradually. No sense risking injury by piling on the miles too quickly.

  2. I wouldn't really push yourself until you feel better. Otherwise it will just take you longer to get over your sinusy stuff. 15K here we come!!!