Sunday, July 11, 2010


Before I talk about Eureka Springs i have to say 3 things i forgot about on the last post...

1. on the way up to Arkansas, Daniel and I busted out the old DC Talk Jesus Freak cd and sang every song word for word. I know all the back up parts.....ya'll should've heard us, we were amazing. also, this was one of my absolute fave parts of the trip

b. on Sunday we went to a local farmers market and l.o.v.e.d. it! they had fresh and amazing everything!!! we really wanted to buy a lot of stuff but didn't think it'd keep till we could get home and use it. but we did buy a chocolate lovers brownie and pretty sure we both went into diabetic shock shortly afterwards.

4a. Sunday afternoon (since the town was pretty much boarded up), I took a nap!!! it was so wonderful! i can't remember the last time i took a nap. i try to lay down every once in a while but my brain won't turn itself off. but nap i did on sunday!!!

monday morning we went for a SHORT early run. yes, it might've been around 6:30am. what can i say, we're ruined people. we don't know how to sleep in anymore.

after our run we got on the road after a quick trip to Panera to fulfill my love of bagels and gobs of cream cheese and coffee. seriously, is there anything more a girl could want????

i was waiting for Daniel+ bored alone in the car= the following pics

sidenote: is it unprofessional to wear my hair like this to work? i totally want to, but don't feel like it's work appropriate????

on the road!!!

disclaimer: i loved Eureka springs!!!!!! we had NO idea how much stuff was there and how many things we could've done. looking back, we both agreed next time we'll just go there. they have horse back riding, fishing, canoeing, hiking, shopping, and eating......all things we enjoy :)

can you see the trolley?? cute!

we walked around and looked in tons of unique cute little shops. i actually didn't buy a single thing!!! i've become overly frugal lately. I want to buy an ipod shuffle (i've never run with music before), and need some good running apparel. until i have all that, my pursestrings have been tightened!!! :)

I spotted a little Indian place that looked very promising. anytime we can get ethnic food, we do!

i miss this just looking at it!

capturing the moment!

i think this pic is hilarious!! daniel is posing and totally squishing my face...he's such a camera hog.

   apparently one of the main attractions in ES is Christ of the Ozarks. so we went and took a picture.

then we headed home. i was feeling in the holiday spirit with it being july 4th and all, that i ate a cheeseburger and cherry coke. sometimes i can be so American. ha!


  1. You're funny! I love the camera hog pic. I didn't know you like cheeseburgers?

  2. Adorable pictures!! I love the hair do too. :D It looks like you guys had so much fun. Hubs and I might have to check out Eureka Springs soon.