Friday, July 16, 2010


It's been a week, can i just say? actually, by monday night i was saying the same thing. and i kept saying it every single night. we have been so busy this week, exhausted, more busy, less sleep, etc.....seriously, it's been a week......

but the highlights of the week were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

This week, our friend, Amanda was in town from Georgia with her mom and nieces. And Carly doesn't live too far away from us. The four of us all met and lived overseas together, which AUTOMATICALLY makes you bond! ha!

  amanda, me & carly

seriously, these people are so important in my life. we've gone through so much together. We all met at carly's house for dinner. it was sooooooo gooooooood!!!!! i needed it. i needed to sit and laugh till i cried with people that already know me. even if i haven't seen one of them in several months, it was like no time had passed. it's refreshing to be around people who have seen your good and bad side. there's no pretending. there's just sweet fellowship.

they knew Daniel & I before we were dating. they experienced our dating and engagement first hand.

i cannot describe the joy that filled my heart that night. it has been SO long since i've enjoyed time with people who "get me" and have been there with me to know :) i wish i could've stayed all night. if i hadn't been feeling sick i would have.

have i mentioned that i love these people??

amanda and i always joke that we're both really photogenic whenever we take pics together.

it's true.


SO much fun with these girls!!!

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