Friday, July 30, 2010

weekend in Dallas

i am SO ready for this weekend!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Here's the play by play:

I'm (attempting) to run 6 miles tonight! then i'll scurry out of the house around 8ish tomorrow morning and drive to Dallas. yay!!!

I'm meeting these lovely girls for lunch.....we used to work together, it will be just like old times!!!

I'm excited to see Julie & Lacretia and just hang out over lunch. i saw them at my wedding, but seriously not the ideal place for catch up time!

After lunch i'm driving straight to bff Caroline's house in Waxahachie. Not only am i spending fri and sat nite with her, but we're throwing Amy a wedding shower!!!!!


they're so cute!!!

Amy is getting married in August and i'm way excited. i think part of my excitement is because i'm not planning this wedding, ha! you appreciate being on the other side SO much more after doing your own :)

sidenote: Amy and I have been friends for about 5 1/2 years. i love remembering HOW we became's long but funny!

I was involved with the college leadership team at my church. Aaron (the leader) called me one day and said a girl had visited with her parents and would i call and talk to her and give her info on the college group. While telling Aaron yes i would do that, inside i was like 'no way, i hate calling strangers!'

but my guilt won and i called Amy a few days later. I told her about the college group, events, all that jazz. I also gave her  my "phone number" in case she ever had questions.

sidenote: i gave her my home phone number because i didn't know this girl from Adam, and she could be crazy. I used to always give out my home number to strangers because i never answered it, haahahah! i always let calls go to the voicemail bc everyone i knew would just call me on my cell.

So Amy goes to church more, mostly on wednesday  and sunday nights. I never went on wed's because i had class, so it was actually a few months before we ever met. DURING those few months she called me a few times at home, and i always had to return her call, because of the voicemail screening i had going on.

I meet Amy at the Christmas party of 2004.

Amy & Caroline go on the ski trip while i vaca in Michigan.

Caroline comes back from the trip and says "we HAVE to be friends with Amy!!!!" and she tells me how cool she is and blah blah blah......

I'm like "okayyyyyy"

I hang out with Amy and we are pretty much instant bff after that.


after a few weeks (months) into this new friendship i finally give my amy my real number-(after my standard love language/myers brigg test i make all my new friends take. she passed.)  But she didn't delete the old one, so she kept calling me at my house, and let me tell you...lots of phone tag.

anyways, it's a long running joke that our friendship started when i fake numbered amy......

and that's how we became friends!!!


I need this weekend. I need to spend time with my girls and soak it in. even though we'll be busy with the shower, i know how we are.....we'll find time to linger at the dining room table and talk for hours and never run out of things to say.

My joy is literally already starting just thinking about the next few days.......!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awww...I love this post! :) What a blessing great friends are. And that second to last ladies are hot! All 3 of you!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


    it is beautiful! see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  3. YAYYYY!!!!! Lunch was so much fun - I'm so glad you made time for us! It was like old times, but crazy how much has changed in a few years, right? Hope the rest of your weekend was wonderful!

  4. Oh and I love your Myers-Briggs / Love Language tests for your friends. I guess I got instant approval since I was almost as obsessed with them as you! :)