Tuesday, August 24, 2010

bbq, running, and stealing

(weekend wedding post coming soon!!!!)

Thursday night we all gathered at Rib Crib (one of my FAVE'S) for BIL and Grandma Rose's birthday.

here's FIL Steve & Grandpa -i heart steve's face in this pic. this must be where Daniel gets it, ha!

SIL-Laura, yes same name....cool huh? She just got a new job teaching at a college nearby!!!!

birthday boy!!

Daniel was hungry. he ate all of his food and some of mine.

you have to know your limits, folks.

Which brings us to friday......

I woke up at 6 and started out for my 8 mile run. i ran the first half then picked up Daniel for round 2! he brought the gatorade, chapstick, and water. he really should run next to me with a little bag to make sure i have everything i need, ha!

the run was pretty hard. my legs were tired. even though i breathed thru my nose almost the whole time and didn't ever really feel out of breath, the legs were talkin to me. and they said. 'stop!' hahahah

i ran the 8 miles in ok timing. not horrible, but could've pushed it maybe a little more. it was weird to  run on a weekday, there were so many more cars out and about. not sure i fi prefer it or not.....

sidenote: i kept seeing this white car driving really slow in front of some houses and stopping. i was about to get the license plate and call it in, but then realized the lady was delivering the yellow pages!!!! ha!

side story:

apparently i have a theft problem......

a few months ago daniel and i were shopping at walmart and the first thing in the basket was my pantene pro v mousse to help when i want to rock the wavy hair.
however, we checked out, got to the car, and realized the mousse was still in the bottom of the cart and we hadn't paid for it. so i trekked back in, stood at customer service for 10 minutes and paid for the mousse. because remember, stealing is wrong, even when you didn't realize you did it!!!

Tonight, daniel and i make a trip to walmart. daniel goes to get in line while i pick out my lifesaver sour mints. we check out. we're leaving and i look in my purse and see the mints. i ask daniel if he put the mints in my purse, he says no, and suggests the cashier lady did it. doubtful since she was never near my purse. we search the receipt and realize again, we've stolen from walmart.

I can't believe i literally grabbed the mints off the shelf, put them straight in my purse, walked out, and no one even came after me?!?!? what if it doesn't stop with the mints???


I got back in the express line, and use that word express loosely. 10 minutes later i paid for my mints and called it a night.


  1. If you think the stealing thing is bad now, wait until you have a 4 year old! They are sneaky!!!

    And I have a brother in law with the name as me and for a long time I have been Jamie Girl and he has been Jamie Boy in our family. People think we are crazy!

  2. Hi...just came over from Caroline's blog :) That cracks me up about the stealing. I almost did that at Target the other day...was just about to walk out and had a whole bunch of stuff in the buggie. Oops. I was going to ask if you were doing any specific training program? Like c25k or something?

  3. hi Tricia! I'm training for a 15k on Labor Day. I just started running this year. I LOVE Hal Higdon's training programs, that is what i'm using right now, then hoping to do a half marathon in a few months. thanks for stopping by!

  4. Oh My! I never laughed so hard about the stealing! I was reading it with Mike's parents in the living room and read it to them. We all found it hilarious!