Wednesday, August 4, 2010

weekend rewind


where did we leave off?

yes, i managed to run 6 miles on Thursday night. it was a battle between depression/anger/self-loathing/embarassment and pure joy, ha!!! i was really disappointed in my time. it doesn't need to be mentioned here.

per my's the play by play.....

i was going to run the first 3 (outside, in wicked hot temperatures) then Daniel was going to meet me at the 3 mile mark, hand me my water and run the last half with me.
seconds before going out the door, my shoelace broke. really? i had problems the ENTIRE run. i felt like the tonya harding of running. it was awful.
i was constantly stopping to fix my shoe.

SOMEHOW i managed to run the first 3 miles on pace.

THEN daniel and i started running the last half. some people may say it was more of a slight jog, but whatev. it was hard. i had to keep stopping for my shoe and the my left foot hurt the whole time.

this is my shoe. see how it's not regular laces but more of a pull tie thing? it was def an issue.


somehow i made it home. i actually had energy the last part of the 6th mile so i picked up the pace.

i couldn't believe i had run 6 miles, yet could not stop focusing on how slow i was. i felt like i had loser stamped all over me.
Daniel....who is a constant reminder of why i married him......gave me the encouragement i needed. he spoke uplifting, encouraging, loving, positive words to me about all i had accomplished and how my time really didn't matter. i tried to believe him. I knew i was letting my time kill my joy and i didn't want that. so i eventually got over it.

THEN......we were going to bed and i experienced some of the worst pain of my life. no. i didn't stretch after this marathon of a run.

my left foot got a good 10 minute cramp. unlike anything i have experienced before. not sure if it was cos i was tensing my foot the whole time cos i was in pain when i ran? i was BAWLING. like uncontrollable crying and sobbing. daniel kep telling me i had to calm down. (i don't know if he's ever seen me cry like that before....pretty sure i scared him) When i stopped crying, he asked if the pain was the same as when i broke my foot....hahahaha it wasn't THAT bad....but close :)

after lots of tears and thinking my foot would always be in that weird cramped position, i started to breathe again and it settled down. my foot hurt in the arch for the next day or so.

it was touch n go there for a while, i seriously was about to make a trip to the er. did i mention i was in pain?


that was thursday, ha!

I had a busy busy fun weekend in Dallas, but too much to write about here....stay tuned.


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  1. Yes... To say the least I was a little intimidated by the foot cramp episode. I hadn't seen my wife in that much pain before.