Sunday, August 15, 2010

play by play of the 7.2

I went to bed last night at 9. I prayed myself to sleep, asking God to give me strength, endurance, ability, and will power to get up early the next day and run 7 miles.

Last week my 5 miler was awesome. the 6 the week before....mmmmm not so much. so i wasn't going to be surprised if i had a bad run today. but i prayed.
and i woke up at 4:30 from the excitement and nervousness of it all and laid there till the alarm went off at 6. I hopped out of bed, grabbed the frozen water bottle, and was running by 6:18.

It was still dark.

it was really hard.

at least the first half. i really think it's mostly mental as to why the first few miles are always the hardest for me. while i'm running i can't really 'pep' myself up or congratulate myself on just hitting 1.5, when i know there are 5.5 more to go. it just sounds lame and discouraging.
so i continued to pray and started asking God to provide a sprinkler or something, i was SO thirsty. He didn't answer me. oh well!

so i try to think about other the cat that randomly followed me for a while this morning. and wonder why i'm seeing dozens of cats that i never see when i run in the neighborhood. maybe they're more nocturnal than i thought?
and then i am reminded that i don't like cats. they're pretty much my least fave animal. sorry.

my route for the 7 was 2 loops of 3.5 miles. i hide my water at my starting point and pick it up halfway through.

about mile 3, when i'm close to getting my happened. that feeling you get when you need to "go" the bathroom. this has never happened before during my runs. i wished i was backoverseas with my antibac and tissue.

sadly, no such luck. there's a 7-11 nearby, and i plan to pick up my water then get to that 7-11 ASAP. as i'm rounding the corner....who do i see???


he was waiting for me and was going to run the second half with me. honestly, if he hadn't been there i might've quit. i was SO dehydrated (my fault i know) and so tired. i didn't know if i had anything left, let alone ANOTHER 3.5.

before getting to Daniel, i yelled "i have to go the bathroom!!!!'

home is close, so we took a few minutes break.

sidenote: i walk back into the house and what do i see?!?!?!

we've had all these frames FOREVER and i keep telling Daniel that we need to go thru the wedding pics and decorate the house so it looks like we're married, ha! seriously, we keep talking about putting pics up for months now!!!

sidenote: today is our 9 month anniversary!!!

so i get really excited that Daniel surprised me with the pics and frames and tell him happy anniversary.

blank stare.

Daniel: 'oh yeah it's today!"

wow. oh well that just means he was being sweet for no reason!! :)

after taking care of the bathroom biz, we headed out again. my first half was exactly on pace-12 min/mile. so i was excited to see how the last half would go.

one funny thing, is that on the second loop, i kept noticing things i hadn't seen the first time, mostly because i ran in the DARK the first mile and a half!! it was a little creepy.

the last half was amazing!!! having Daniel next to me made such a huge difference. the last half was great!!! it seemed to go by so much faster and i felt really good the whole time. i could've probably done 8 today.

total time: 90 minutes exactly. i feel good about this time considering i stopped once to fix my shoe, and technically ran more than 7 miles:)

ALSO, the 15k is coming up in a few weeks, and guess who's running?!?!?!?!


as mentioned before, Labor Day aka September 6th is dad's 55th birthday!!!! what better way to prove you're still young than running a 15k with your 2 daughters???

sarah & dad also ran 7 miles today in Fort Worth. we all ran about the same time so it was like they were running with me.....

woo hoo!!! it will be dad, Sarah, and me running on Labor Day. can't wait!!!!!

p.s. Daniel and I are eating out tonight at our fave Indian restaurant, i've already warned Daniel i'm going to put away a lot of food. no shame, it's why i run :)

have a good weekend!!!!


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  1. Love your post! I love the play by play. I always feel the need to tell Mike every detail about my run. I like your info on your "bathroom biz"