Thursday, August 5, 2010

real weekend rewind

so i just noticed my last post had nothing to do with my weekend-ha!!! but since i had friday off i'll still count it!

Ok, so friday morning i got up early to drive to dallas to have lunch with some ol coworkers at one of my fave places...POTBELLY!!! I  love this place, and sadly Oklahoma is without. So we ate our yummy sandwhiches, cookies, and caught up on what everyone is doing now. sadly....i didn't get one pic!!!!!! so just pretend and imagine 4 people looking happy about their lunch together.

oh this is me in the car....i'm not ashamed of my self-portraits. again, someday my grandchildren will thank me!

I then drove to Caroline's to get ready for Amy's shower we were throwing her the next day. i have to admit....i was already exhausted by the time i got there. it has been a long week filled of some restless nights.

sidenote: Daniel was out of town again last week and we have loud neighbors. my sleep is VERY important to me. sooo i pulled myself out of bed after midnight, made myself presentable, and went over to the next apartment. Daniel has actually gone over a few when they START their parties at 2am, but they've never gotten my wrath.....haha!
not really, i wasn't mean bc let's face it, i have to see these people again so i couldn't let my true self show, ha! but i wasn't as polite as Daniel usually is...he's the nice one of the two of us. anyways....long week. no sleep. exhausted by friday.

Got to caroline's and we went and ran our errands for the shower. i got a monster size Coke to help me make it thru the night. i didn't want to crash on caroline at 8pm.

Her birthday is in 2 weeks, so this was the perfect time to give her my present and take her to dinner! We went to Catfish Plantation and it was mmm mmmm good!!  here are some's supposedly haunted so they have halloween stuff out year round.


yummy food!! mmmm mmmm!!!

We stayed up LATE talking. we can't help it. we never run out of things to say.

I was going to run 3 miles on Saturday. I started the run after 8. ummmmm it's hot in Texas. i thought it was hot in OK, but clearly i waited too late to start the run. so i cut it in half and called it a day.

We spent the morning drinking coffee, eating cinnamon rolls, and chatting it up.

Amy loves we went with a bird theme for the shower. Jeremy-her groom, is already living in Hawai'i where she will be moving right after the wedding. so obviously, he didn't make it to the shower.

here's some of the decor and food!!

caroline is artsy, so she put all this moss around and his birds in them. it was really cool!!!

p.s. these bbq sandwiches were to die for. i ate 3. no shame.

3 bff's

our lovely bride!!!!!!

we had a great time hanging out with everyone at the shower, talking wedding, marriage, and babies (not my babies), but just in general.....

it was a fun-FILLED weekend. next and bridesmaid tea!!!!



  1. Wait Wait Wait! You ate catfish??? Also, you ran only 1.5? Bring it on girl!

  2. 1. I still love the self portraits. It's so Laura
    2. That catfish looks yummy.
    3. I can't believe you even attempted to run outside. It's SOOO hot outside.
    4. I HATE that I had to miss the lunch date. I hope you can do it again, soon.
    5. Amy's shower looked beautiful!