Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wedding part 1-Hello

 Last Friday, Daniel and i headed down to Fort Worth for Amy & Jeremy's Wedding. I'm probably going to do 2 posts, because there are way too many pictures!!!!

my man and I:

here we are...rehearsing!

caroline and i had trouble paying attention to the wedding coordinator. we can't help ourselves, we bring out the funniness in each other!!

Daniel-taking it all in.....with his new friend, Joshua.

I l.o.v.e this pic!!!

 random: Daniel with Jeremy's Aunt.

Jeremy's sister-Keri!

Amy's dad and cousin, Emma!

4 Bridesmaids!!: Me, Caroline, Ashlee, & Chelsea!


one of my faves from the day!!!!!! Daniel & Amy

another fave: 3 bff's!!!

then we headed to dinner: Abuelos!!

the happy couple!!

another happy couple :)


love them!!

i can't say enough about Chelsea and them. chelsea is in her own category of funny. it goes way beyond hilarious. and her love for the Father is so real, it's refreshing to be around. I don't know Dom as well, but every chat i've had with him has been delightful. and i'm jealous that their children will have better tans than me....

After the rehearsal dinner-the guys went for ice cream and the girls all went back to the hotel to hang out. We just hung out, talking, laughing, the usual.

the next morning, i'm sitting in bed and see Caroline whip her resistance bands out of her suitcase and says "you know, just a little bit a day really makes a difference." i was DYING!!! who brings their exercise bands to get in some last minute toning before the wedding??? CAROLINE!!!!

leftovers from the night before...

All of us got up, showered, hit the Starbucks and headed to the chapel to get ready.......

i'll leave you in utter suspense until the next post as to what happened next :)


  1. LOL LOL i totally forgot about the bands thing hahahhahahahhahha. oh this just made my day! ha! man you have excellent pics. i might take some for my blog ha!

  2. Caroline is so funny! So glad you had a great time and got to spend some quality time with your girlfriends!