Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Ramblings

This will just be randomness from the last week or so...nothing too major to write about but wanted to share a few things.

first, a few of ya'll asked about the recipe for the raspberry tea:

"I start with a pitcher of cold brew tea and add frozen rasberry juice, (or rasberry tea mix) then just b4 serving add (diet) sprite or 7-up. Enjoy!"

i can't wait to make it!!

Last week most of Daniel's family was at a camp for foster children who have been abused.  His mom is pretty high up and has a major role in this camp every year. daniel and i drove out to the camp last thursday along with BIL and nephew.

baby J:

this is Daniel's dad at the camp- he was one of the main cameramen. how cute!!

I was completely overwhelmed at the camp. As the campers come into the dining hall for dinner each night, the volunteers and counselors line up on both sides and "cheer" them all in. i could barely keep the tears in, it was so emotional to watch all the kids being cheered for and to see their smiling faces.

It was birthday night while we were there, so each kid received a cupcake with their name on it and a gift box. the kids were SO excited and you could tell how much fun they were having. i think of the kids birthday parties that i've been to and how overboard we can seem to go sometimes. it was extremely humbling to watch all these children be ecstatic over their one box. i'm SOOO glad we went and visited the camp, it was such a huge blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in other news:
I ran 5 miles outside on Saturday morning at my fastest time ever! i got up at 6:15 to hopefully beat the heat. the run was great, and i felt so good afterwards!

this was breakfast, and it looked too good to not take a pic. note my new cup!!

this week has been normal. however, i did just buy a new running shirt and i l.o.v.e it!! i've had my eye on it for a long time and took the splurge!!!


this weekend: NO PLANS!!!!  okay, you know i can't really relax, it's not in my genes. i'm getting up early for a 7 mile run. wow......7 miles!! wish me luck!! then i'll do some grocery shopping and cleaning and hopefully sneak in a nap.
how is everyone else's running going??




  1. I LOVE that shirt! Really cute! :)

    You are amazing! 7 miles!!! That is incredible! I'm so impressed by you! I need to start pushing it again! I've been doing 3 miles a few times a week because three miles is easy! I really need to push it more!

  2. Love the tank! I have never heard of frozen raspberry juice, I will have to look. Good luck on the 7 miles, I am going to attempt 7 miles with dad on Saturday.