Sunday, August 8, 2010

tea time!

Last Sunday afternoon, all of amy's bridesmaids were invited to a tea at amy's parents house. first off, amy's mom knows how to decorate. her house is amazing and she just has a knack for making everything look welcoming and pretty.

here are some of the details:

look at these cute sparkling pink lemonade's! they were SO delightful to drink!

and what is a tea without yummy food???

we each received a tea cup with our initial: sidenote: i've been DYING for something monogrammed!!! (it's just like my obsession to get a shirt that says staff on the back haahaha!)

amy's mom is famous for her raspberry tea. i could drink gallons!!!


yes, i forgot to take a pic of what was inside....soooo....picture it:
a make up bag that had a thank you message from amy sewn on the inside, with matching mirror and cute bottle opener. precious!!!!!!

bridesmaids: Caroline, me, Amy, Chelsea, & Ashlee

me & the bride!

chels & me (p.s. i loved seeing her this weekend and sharing newlywed stories....she's one of the funniest people i know!!

post tea party, I drove back to OKC. how i made it without falling asleep is beyond me. did i mention that we stayed up SO late on sat night then got up for early church?? if God was in the habit of giving out brownie points, i'm sure we all got them that day, ahahahhahaahah SO kidding!




  1. You are SO funny! Did you happen to get her raspberry tea recipe? I asked you like months ago for it and it is so yummy!

  2. I love raspberry so if you would like to share the recipe I would love it.

    Have a good week.