Monday, August 30, 2010

Wedding part 2-Goodbye

Saturday morning brought us here:

some of the details:


guest sign in:

we spend HOURS getting ready..but it was all worth it to look as good as we all did, ha!

again, amy is my go to girl for my eye make up...

i was going to wear my hair down, but it was annoying me so it went half up right before the wedding.


i love that we all had different shoes!! (mine is the one with the bow!)

me and Chels!


the girls!!

me and caroline:


me and my parents:

me and my hot date:

the wedding went off without a hitch!!! We walked into "O Glorious Day", and sang In Christ Alone and Come Thou Fount. I did get teary eyed during their vows. Being up close and personal i could hear and see all the emotions!

The reception was in the same building, which made it easy for everyone! one thing i love about weddings, esp now living out of Texas, is getting to see people you don't see all that often and catching up!

we used to all go to church together:

i love this pic!!


amy's! each layer was a different flavor!

The wedding was bitter sweet, since Amy is moving to HAWAII!!!! i have no idea the next time me, Caroline, and Amy will be together again. which makes me sad. :(  but i'm SO excited to see Amy & Jeremy as they start their new life together!!! it will be hard to not see them when i drive to Texas for a visit, but nothing like a good excuse to go to Hawaii!!!


  1. Such pretty wedding pictures! Congrats Amy!

  2. Hey Laura, Thanks for your comment! I've seen your blog a couple times... maybe through Facebook?
    That's fun that you've taken up running too! Have fun! Tell Daniel hi!