Monday, November 7, 2011

Everything is food

Seriously, the food!!! I ate SO much during this trip and even got a little spoiled when we were in a big city!

After flying into the main city, my friend and I rode in the back of the car for 2 days. Acutally, the seats were quite comfy and the ride pretty enjoyable!

Here I am:

Their trucks are all painted in a variety of colors.

And you just can't beat the daal-naan combo. mmmm mmmm!

I woke up to this every morning! Let me tell you, there are not enough words to express the joy that was in my heart, sitting in the sunshine on the porch, sipping coffee and reading. J-O-Y!

One day, we went to a local cafe that word on the street said it was amazing. After waiting 2+ hours to get our food, I can't say it was worth the wait, but it was very yum!! And those veggies on my sandwich, yes they were grown in the owner's garden. Oh fresh ingredients, I love you! (and the bread was baked to order!)

My friend and I cooked a bit for our friends that we went to see. I'm borderline thinking about making the switch to vegetarian. I am realizing how much variety is available in the veggie world and i'm liking it! AND I am embracing the pumpkin!

Moroccan stew!! (all veggies!)

I don't know the name of this salad, but it's kidney beans, chick peas, tomatos, cucumber and some seasoning. So good!

And we were able to see the sunset! It has been SO long! (where I live the sun is rarely seen.)

I'll post more later, and stay tuned for another Meatless Monday recipe! I told you I was embracing the pumpkin!!



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