Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy TWO Year Anniversary!!!

Today is our 2 year anniversary!!!

Here we are two years ago today!

I thought I'd do a photo recap of our last year together.

Here we are one year ago celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us. We were about to go run in freezing temperatures. We didn't even make it a mile that night.

January-Celebrating my birthday at a JJ Heller concert.

February- a random ( not the best) picture

March-celebrating a friend's wedding in Arkansas

April-random pic, i think this was date night

May-Roadtripping it up at Lambeau Field!!

June-Leaving America

July-Enjoying the local sites

August- Enjoying a trip to the mountains!

September- First day of School!

October- At our marriage conference

I'll post more later!




  1. Happy Anniversary!! WOW, y’all have gone through a lot in the past 2 years I’d say!!! :)

  2. I just love you two. And I love how happy you look!
    You know all the things I *want* to know that I'm sending all those wishes to you. Many, many, many more years of this kind of love and happiness.
    Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary! What a great two years it looks like you two have had. Blessings for many many more fun years together! :)