Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where were we....

I travelled to a few cities that were literally on the side of a mountain. Which is why it would have been impossible to run....nothing was flat, it was either straight up or straight down. I'm spoiled and prefer to run on flat ground. Also, the roads are TINY and the cars will not stop. I was nervous several times just walking and trying to not get hit. So I spared myself the anxiety and comforted myself with food. :)

I found this at a local import store. It's the only legit chocolate milk I've found in the 5 months we've lived here. I know it's soy, but when you go 5 months without chocolate milk, you also will feel this is the best things you've ever drank. I even bought 2 to bring home and share with Daniel. I loved that it didn't have to be refrigerated!!

I also drank a lot of tea.

This is my friend's dinner. I don't remember what it's called or even what it is, but the burrito like thing was huge!!!

Oh look here's me on the side of a mountain!

And here are the monkies that were roaming around everywhere. Sidenote: monkies freak me out. They're so unpredictable, which is not a quality I like in animals.

It was hard to get a good picture, because they kept moving. Again, unpredictable. This is why we have zoos people.

My friend's daughter (who's 4) wanted to play with my hair. Think it's a keeper??

I know this is a random post......but here's a pretty picture to look at!

Come back for more later and you can see pictures of what I ate at Chili's!!!



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  1. hey i think that rolled up thing is a Dosa...we eat them here a lot!