Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Ramblings

Tuesday nite has become my baking night. Daniel goes to English Corner and I stay home and bake.

This past Tuesday I made granola bars, pumpkin bread, and cream of tomato soup. I think I'm finally perfecting the granola bar recipe. This past weeks was by far the best. To save $, I used a chopped up chocolate bar, instead of paying over $6 for chocolate chips. I thought it wouldn't taste the same, but it actually tasted better!! I also now add about 1/2 cup of peanut butter to the recipe. My add-ins are some combination of almonds, cashews, peanuts, chocolate chips/chunks, peanut butter chips, and raisins (for Daniel.)

I also made pumpkin bread again. I used a friend's recipe and thought things were going well. The bread looked so pretty when it was done!

I had a piece while it was still warm, and it did not taste good. Something was clearly wrong, but I wasn't sure what. So the next morning we had it for breakfast, and we were both sure that something was missing. While I was thinking about the recipe, I realized it didn't call for cinnamon, which is kind of weird. So I actually looked at the recipe again, and realized I completely forgot to put it in!!!!!
I was SO mad at myself for skipping such an essential ingredient, and wasting my pureed pumpkin! There was so much potential.....

Speaking of baking, I am on a baking kick! I am devouring cooking/baking websites and wanting to make every single dessert I see. I might need an intervention. Or make sure I keep running if I'm going to give into this new baking obsession. Because believe me, the recipes I'm looking at are not going to be found on any diet or health website.

Speaking of running, tomorrow is 11 miles. woo. hoo.

Also, I'm in the market for a planner. Not like one that you buy in the stores, but a real good this-will-keep-me-organized-no-matter-what planner. Suggestions???

Have a good friday!




  1. I have heard about these life planners from other bloggers and hoping to get one myself.

  2. What Tara said!!!!! GO TO THAT WEBSITE!!!! :)