Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Living it up

So....... I know my posts have been kind of random and all over the place. But better than nothing right??

(of course right! name that movie!)

So this was at one of the airports and when I first saw it I told my friend "Look they're really reaching out and putting up sign language, how great!" THEN I realized that they were actually religious signals (i think, still not sure, but they are not trying to direct the hearing impaired.)

How fun are these taxis??

And as promised, a picture of me eating Chili's!! Chili's people!!! It was SO surreal I kept looking around to make sure I hadn't accidentally stepped back into the States. And yes, I made sure i ate enough to get sick. You don't get chances like this just everyday, ya know.

And then we found this. Oh my!!!!! Excuse me while I wipe the drool! yum yum!!

We rode the metro. This was 8:30 in the morning on a weekday, where are all the peeps??

 ( I don't know what most of this stuff is, but it tasted good)

Dinner! We might've made time for a last minute trip to Chili's before catching our plane.

There you have it.  I had an amazing time, meeting new people, eating new foods, and seeing new places. I love to travel and love even more going to places I've never been before!

Stay tuned for the meatless monday recipe and my new obsession of embracing the pumpkin.



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