Thursday, November 10, 2011


I have started to embrace the pumpkin.

I have always claimed to not like anything related to pumpkin. Eck......

But a few weeks ago, my friend made pumpkin bread, it smelled good and I was hungry. So I tried it. I loved it!! I even had a second piece!!! And then this same friend is the one who introduced me to other varieties of the pumpkin.

So this Monday night, in honor of meatless monday eaters around the world, I made Cream of pumpkin soup with grilled cheeses. (p.s. everytime i type pumpkin, i end up putting a 'g' on the end.)

And when I say made, I mean MADE! None of this canned pumpkin......I bought a real pumpkin from the market (which looks like squash here), cooked it down in the oven, scraped it out of the skin, put it in the blender, and voila!!!

 I didn't make the croutons, just the soup. And next time I'll use less cream, or add half milk/half cream, it was a little too rich for me. But it was soooooo gooooood!!!!

I rather like our meals being all the same color. I'm making a dish in the crock pot this weekend that is also monochromatic. I strongly believe in themed meals :)

With the leftover pumpkin, I made pumpkin bread. It was my first time to make it and while it tasted great, it didn't look very pretty so I didn't take a picture. But I anticipate making it again soon, so I'll take a pic then.

In other news..... I ran twice this week, a 3 and 5 miler. Both were very hard! I didn't think it would be that bad, but it was. I'm supposed to run 9ish tomorrow morning. We will see what happens. My half is tentatively scheduled for Nov 26th. I'm almost at the point of just wanting to get this over with. While I love training and meeting goals, it takes up a lot of time. And I always say that I miss 'just' running, but then after training is over and I go back to running on my own, I get restless and end up training again for something.

BUT because my in-laws sent a monster sized package.....I now have GU!!!

I'll let you know how the run goes!



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