Saturday, July 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I have had so many people ask for pics of our new place in East ya go!!

This is the entry way. Our front door is on the left. I LOVE that it's purple! The white cabinets on the right are for your shoes. We always take our shoes off as soon as we walk in. The other door is a room our landlord won't give us the key to. I'm kind of bitter about it and keep trying to pick the lock.

I love the life size mirror too!

Our apartment is furnished, so the couches, tables, chairs, and bed frames came with it. This is our living room. We have HUGE windows in all the rooms, and again, i love it. This is to the left of the entry way.

I bought these lamps, and I L-O-V-E them!! They totally make the room! I also bought the pillows and the rug was ours from before. The big thing in the corner is the AC/Heat unit. The red chair in the corner is usually in the guest room, but we're having people over tomorrow so need it in the living room.

Another view.

Don't be jealous of our TV. It has sound, but no picture. Dining room on the right, hall to the bedrooms on the left.

Dining room-kitchen on the right. We have these weird french/accordion doors leading to the kitchen.

Close up view.

Here's our kitchen! This is NOT a normal sized kitchen for here. Almost all of them are the size of half a shoe box. We totally lucked out on this!

Daniel built these shelves for makes it so much easier and frees up a lot of counter space for me. We cook in this large toaster oven instead of a stove.

Opposite view. The door leads to our enclosed patio that has our washer and dryer.

Washer and dryer. Dryers are a huge luxury here. (the vent leads to an outside window) When we went and bought ours the store only had one kind. So we bought that one :) Daniel also built me this frame to free up more space too. He's handy.

Here's the hall between our living room and dining room. First room on the left is our guest room. The door opposite is the bathroom. Door straight ahead is our room, and the one next to ours is the office.

Guest bathroom. We usually keep this door closed. The drains smell pretty bad here and this room is the worst.

Here's our guest room! The red chair is usually in the corner. i love this room!

You can't see it, but each room has an amazing deep window seat. I want to put cushions and pillows on these eventually. And most of our walls are bare. We have pictures and small things to put up, but the walls are SO big, it seems weird to put something small on them. Thoughts??

Here's the office. It's pretty much Daniel's man-cave. I try not to go in here very much. It may never be this clean again, ha!

Our room!!!

We had our bedding made. Our bed is between a queen and a king, and to find anything brown here is like finding a needle in a haystack. So I bought brown king sheets and had someone make a duvet cover for me. Then we had a duvet/filling made to go inside.

The white cabinets are the closets.  We bought the dresser and mirror.

Our amazing bathroom that is also very uncommon here.

Here's a close up of our bedside tables. They're so Asian, i love them!

Thanks for seeing our home! Come visit anytime!!




  1. I didn't know Daniel was so handy! Cute apartment!

  2. Just spent a few minutes catching up with you all.... LOVE the apartment! It makes me want to come visit you! And I LOVE the new dishes, too... now all the food pics you take look so amazing on the blue plates.... love them! Glad to read all your updates and see that things are going well! Hugs to both of you!

  3. great space! what a lovely apartment, and so full of wonderful luxuries. that bathroom is incredible!

  4. I'm getting caught up on the latest with y'all! Wow - your place looks awesome! Looks so big, love the kitchen and bathroom. Glad things are going well! :)

  5. LOVE!!!!!!! I’m on my way to visit, haha!!!! :)