Sunday, January 6, 2013

35 Week Recap

Happy Birthday to me! I turn 31 today. Crazy.......I'll do a birthday post soon.

I finished 35 weeks and am a few days into week 36! We drove up yesterday from Oklahoma to Illinois, where my parents are. The drive actually went by pretty fast. I meet my pediatrician and the doctor who will deliver Paige this week. I'm pretty excited that this being the last doctor I have to meet. 
This week I plan to organize everything I have for Paige, get my diaper bag, and prepare my hospital bag so I don't have to worry about it. There are a few last minute things I want to get..I want everything to be ready to go so I don't have to worry in case labor comes earlier than expected. I just started reading Healthy Sleeping Habits, Happy Child, and I am loving it! Has anyone read it or used it??
I'm planning on starting BabyWise this week too. I've heard several people swear by it.

Here's another belly pic!

Here's the recap:

How Far Along: 35 Weeks

Size of Baby: Coconut-around 19 inches long, 5 lbs??

Weight Gain: No Clue....26 or 27 lbs??

Gender: Girl-Paige Olivia!

Movement: Today she hasn't moved as much, but the last few days, she's been moving non stop! For the first time her movements actually kept me from falling asleep, they were so strong!

Sleep: It's okay, i know it could be worse, so i'm happy for what I can get!

Maternity Clothes: yep!! i'm running out of shirts that cover the tummy though. 

Symptoms: Some nausea this week, hip/back pain, and of course....dry skin

Aversions: Not too much

Cravings: Fountain drink coke, ice cream, lots of water!

What I miss: Nothing really

Best Moment of the Week: Celebrating my birthday! Also, there were several presents waiting for Paige at my parents house, it was so fun to see all the cute things she got!

What I'm looking Forward to: Meeting the dr and seeing the hospital where I'll deliver. Also shopping! 




  1. You look so cute! You are so close - I am so excited for you!

    My friend Claire is a babywise mom and she chronicles a lot of it on her blog - You should check it out!

  2. I read the book Healthy Sleeping Habits Happy Child and loved it. Sleep is so important to all kids. I read babywise too and at the moment can't really remember everything about it but I just know that some things work for some people and not others. We went to all the baby classes before Ev and I am really glad we did since we moved overseas. Glad you get to participate in those!