Monday, January 28, 2013

All Adelyn

Last weekend, Sarah flew up with my 6 week old niece, Adelyn. I was SO excited to finally get my hands on her and give her fat cheeks some kisses! I pretty much snatched her up as soon as she got here.

She's a small baby, but she has got some cheeks!

If this picture of Daniel doesn't melt your heart and convince you how great a dad he will it!  How precious!!

I can't wait for Adelyn and Paige to meet! I can tell Adelyn is already counting down...

Love this face!!

This picture was taken about 2 seconds before she fell asleep.  Just call me the Baby Whisperer, ha!

Adelyn even joined me in a little exercise- I think she enjoyed the bouncing. 

So the last time Sarah and I saw each other, I was about 7 weeks pregnant and she was 15. This was last June.

I guess we've changed a little bit......

I only hope I can look as good as Sarah 6 weeks after having a baby!



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