Saturday, January 26, 2013

38 Week Recap

Can I just has been a WEEK!!

I had a few brutal days of pain, the doctor said I probably pulled or tore a rib muscle. I was so scared I would go into labor and not be able to do it with how bad I was feeling. But thankfully, PTL, the last two days it's been getting better. 

I was checked at the doctor on Tuesday-I'm 75% effaced but zero dilated. Not shocking...I'm still not feeling much and not sure if I'm having contractions or not. I feel a tightening in my stomach sometimes, but it doesn't hurt. And I don't think she has really dropped yet. I'm thinking Paige still has at least a week before she comes....which is fine by me. The doctor told me to snack and nap...which I am more than happy to follow the doctor's orders!

I packed my diaper bag and hospital bag today. My hospital bag is pretty empty, because most of the stuff I plan on bringing is more last minute-like hair dryer and make up.

It's so weird to think that really, I could go into labor at any moment, or it could be 3 weeks. So weird.

We went to the childbirth and breastfeeding class, and go to the infant care class on Monday. I've really enjoyed them and learning new things, or reinforcing stuff I've already read. Daniel has been a trooper and been by my side at each class and helping me up and down the stairs, putting on my socks, and encouraging me. He's going to be my labor coach, and I know he is going to do great!

Here's the recap!!

How far Along: 38 Weeks

Size of Baby: Pumpkin-18-20 inches long, 6.5-8 lbs. It's really a guessing game at this point!

Weight Gain: No idea....32-35???

Gender: Girl-Paige Olivia

Movement: Yep! I can tell she's moved one of her arms, because it keeps poking at my belly button and it's the first time I've felt her there. It's so fun!!

Sleep: It's getting better as the back pain gets better.  I do wake up sweating a lot.

Maternity Clothes: Of course!

Symptoms: I think my legs have started swelling?

Aversions: Not much

Cravings: Ice cream, chocolate

What I miss: Sleeping on my back

Best Moment of the Week: Having my new niece Adelyn, and sister up for a few days. I'll do a separate post on was SO good to see them!! And random, but buying our baby memory book today. I've been insanely picky and trying to decide if I even want to do one, but I found this one today and love it!
Daniel and I have been trying to be more intentional with our time together and having mini dates before we become an official family of 3.

What I'm looking forward to: Going to the doctor again on Tuesday and the infant care class.

Look for a post soon of little Adelyn!



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  1. You're now officially further along then I ever made it with either boy! :) AND you look amazingly beautiful!! Can't wait to read the news that Paige has arrived! Praying for you, friend. Enjoy your snacking nad napping! :)