Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gogo's in town

My mom, AKA, Gogo, flew in on Wednesday. Or technically thursday. YA'LL, the flight delays were UNREAL!.

So mom left St. Louis Tuesday morning at 7am for Chicago. She was supposed to leave Chicago at 12 noon. That flight was delayed 3 hours, so she left at 3 in the afternoon. Then, she flew in country here. Her flight was supposed to leave at 8:30 at night to our city. Earlier in the day, they delayed the flight to leave at 11pm, arriving in our city at 1:30am.

I had a friend coming over to stay with Paige so I didn't have to drag her out to the airport. My friend really went above and beyond. She came over at 10 and slept on our couch.

At 1 am I checked moms flight, one site said the plane hadn't left yet. The other site said it left at 11:10. So of course i assumed the flight was on its way. ha. ha. ha.

So I'm exhausted at this point. I get to the airport at 2am. Look at the board and see the flight is arriving at 4am. Ugh....so I sat down on the ground and waited. And waited. Finally, I saw mom!

We got home at 5 am and crashed for 2 hrs before Paige woke up. Then I had class. You can imagine how productive that was.

My mom is an expert packer. She also is a firm believer in using every inch of packing space available when coming to see us. These are just SOME of the goodies she brought us:

Top pic: Paige's goodies-baby food, clothes, toys, etc...
Bottom pic: baking mixes, candy, sugar, napkins, etc...

Can you see all the goodies?!?!? I was SUPER excited about the oatmeal. When we were in the states having Paige, I found this Oat Revolution that has oatmeal with flax and other wholesome goodness in instant packets-so yummy!!!

I feel like the last few days have been pretty busy. We've cleaned out the laundry room, Paige's room, and reorganized the kitchen cupboards. Each day i'm feeling pretty tired. Today we went shopping and mom bought Paige a bouncer/activity center. 

Daniel is travelling still and will be back Thursday morning. It's about time-we have missed him!

I have a couple of posts to write about Paige and running-but I feel like my mind is all over the place right now. Every night after Paige goes to bed I feel like a zombie and just don't have the energy to think clearly enough to write a blog post. 

So sorry if this is all over the place! Hopefully I can get it together soon!


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