Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekly RUNdown, Week in Review, and everything else in between

So, I haven't blogged in a while. We left early Friday morning for Hong Kong to do some visa stuff. We got back at 1:30am Monday morning. I'll save the HK post for a little later. But here's the latest!

I did run last Monday and Wednesday. Both days I ran about 2 miles. I finally was able to run one of those miles less than 12 minutes. I was pretty proud of it. I'm still nowhere close to my normal pace, but it will come. Slowly, but surely. I felt pretty good about my runs last week. I'm certainly not enjoying getting up extra early, but I do like taking care of my body and working my way back into shape.

Reward for the week: Foot Massage

My mom is coming to visit next week, so I'll probably go then so we can go together. My treat the week before was a treat from an import store. While we were in HK, I picked up organic peanut butter!! I had it this morning on my bagel. It was yummy!

I made chicken enchiladas last week for the first time. They were easy and really good! I put black olives only on my portion. I didn't realize for it to look patriotic, but it kind of looks like a flag!

We took Paige to the pool last week for the first time. I think she liked it. She just recently started to like bath time. She looked around most of the time. I hope to take her a few more times this summer. I just need to find her a sunhat to wear. 

She'll figure it out soon.

Most nights after Paige's last feeding, she ends up like this. I love when it's this easy to put her to bed! And she's so cute at it too!

Last night I had some friends over. I made a new recipe called Double Peanut Butter Paisley Brownies. They were SOO good! You can get the recipe here.

We're just trying to catch up on life right now. I have class tomorrow. This past week I learned how to talk about blogging and social media. It was very interesting!!



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