Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekly RUNdown

I have two weeks to recap, sorry it's been a while. 

Two weeks ago I ran Monday and Saturday. It was a busy and tiring week so both runs were about 2 miles. And honestly, I don't remember much about them, other than it rained halfway thru my run on Saturday, and I wish I had worn my hat. We had torrential rains that week. It was crazy!

Reward for the Week: Ikea candle

This past week I didn't think I would even run considering I had an ingrown toenail...ewwwww!!! (i'm just gonna go ahead and title this post-TMI! For some reason I have a strange need to share all details of my life) My toe had been hurting for about a month. Even just being in bed and having the sheet touch my toe was painful. But I couldn't figure it out so I just dealt with the pain. Until it became so unbearable and I was gasping in pain if anything touched my toe. 

I've never had an ingrown toenail so I didn't know what they felt like. Then it got really red and infected. Gross I know. Luckily, my mom was in town and she helped me figure out what was wrong. We dug the nail out (yes it's as painful as it sounds) and I've been soaking it a lot this week. 

So I wasn't sure if I'd be able to run this week, and honestly I've been so tired I was just ready to give up.

But I decided to give it a go and see what happened. I ran on Wednesday and it was painful, but not the worst pain of my life or anything. 

Paige has decided she is done sleeping till 8 every morning and has been getting up between 5-6:30. I know. So since i've been getting up early I thought I might as well run today. I ran 3 miles and felt pretty good. I might even try to go a little further next week!

Reward for the Week: Magazine on my Nook 

I just bought the August edition of Runners Magazine, I can't wait to read it!

Sidenote-my theme this past week has been to EAT! Whenever Daniel travels I just don't eat as much cos I'm not cooking or get busy with something and forget to eat dinner. When Daniel was gone last week, I knew my calories were low, and between running and nursing, my calories dropped, which means my milk supply dropped. There were a couple days where I had to give Paige a bottle. It was really hard for me.

So I've been really aware of my calories (as in getting them!) and drinking lots of water. I would love to just eat less and lose weight faster (4 more pounds to go!), but feeding Paige is a much higher priority. So I didn't hold on back on eating 2 desserts today-tiramasu and a cinnamon roll! yum!!

Who else out there is running???



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  1. great Laura! That's impressive with an ingrown toenail and all. since the air cleared here in Thailand (from the smokey spring) I decided to put my running shoes on and make the most of the cooler rainy season and clean air- so I've been trying to do a 30 min jog every morning- i have no idea how many miles i go- i seem pretty slow but i just try to get out and do a little something- keep up the good work and i will try to too!