Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekly RUNdown

Can I just say again how mental running is????

Monday I thought about how I needed to get up Tuesday to run if I was going to make it this week. Rain was in the forecast every day. I kept thinking I just wanted to quit. I wasn't running at my normal pace and I'm tired.

But I decided to run anyways.

I started out feeling really good. I felt like i was doing well, until I looked at my Garmin. Ugh. Not where I wanted to be. My first mile was pretty sad. But as they say, a mile is a mile. I picked it up on the last mile. Overall, i ran 2.2 I wasn't impressed by my pace but I felt great running. Once I'm out there I never regret it.

We went to a July 4th party last night and I did NOT want to get up this morning. I was secretly hoping it was pouring. But it wasn't. I got an earlier start than usual. I knew i wanted to do 3. 

My first mile I figured i'd run a little slower to save some energy. 3 is still not easy yet. I looked down at my Garmin and my pace was under 13. Pre-paige this would be unacceptable. Post-Paige i'll take it, ha! (p.s. i am amazed at how much my running has changed since having a baby. can we say molasses?)

I ran my first mile at a good comfortable pace and it was 12:17. I was pretty pumped!!! Mile 2 was 12:23 and I had to work more for that one. The last mile I wanted to do even better. I really had to dig deep to keep that last mile where i wanted it. It felt like I was sprinting, even when I ended up with 12:17. 

But i consider this a success! I ran 3 miles. I had my fastest pace (post baby). Today is my half-birthday, Niece Adelyn's 7 month birthday. It's a good day and I am happy!

Today marked 4 weeks since I started this, so I got to draw a Monthly Reward!

Monthly Reward: ITunes show!!!

Daniel is travelling starting monday. i'm debating between buying a girly show that I can watch while he's gone, or Duck Dynasty season 2. Tough choice. thoughts??

Hope everyone had a great 4th! We did, post coming soon!


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