Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paige at 5 Months

So Paige turned 5 months over a week ago.

(thanks Aunt Mel for this cute outfit!)

Not sure on any of her stats, so I'm just going to guess! We'll go the doctor next month for her 6 month check up. 

5 Month Stats:

Weight: About 6.5 kilos or 14-15 pounds. She feels heavy.
Length: 26 inches?
Size Diaper: She's pretty much out of her FB small cloth diapers, and mostly wears her OneSize BumGenius. She is in Pampers Medium at night. 
Size Clothes: 6 months
Sleep: She WAS sleeping 12 hours a night and napping 3 times a day perfectly. These last 2 weeks she has decided that 6 am and short naps are better. I'm really hoping this is just a phase!
Feedings: 5 times a day, about every 3 hours. Lately they've been at 7, 10, 1, 4, and 7. 

This past month was a big month for all of us! When we went to Hong Kong, it was Paige's first time in a hotel and a crib not her own. She did SO great!

This past month she rolled over from front to back and back to front! Now she's rolling over back to front almost as soon as we put her down. She started rolling over in her crib last night, which freaked me out, so I went in last night while she was sleeping and took her bumper pads out. Now she's rolling over and getting her legs stuck in the bars. I'm trying to figure out a solution. 

This month was also my first night away from Paige! With my mom in town, Daniel and I went away for the night to a hotel downtown. It was lovely! We went out to dinner, watched a late night movie and had fun. Paige did great and had lots of fun with her GoGo!

The other day, we were riding home in a taxi and Paige had missed both her morning naps. She was SO tired. I had her in the ergo carrier and she fell asleep like this. Yes, she fell asleep while chewing on the straps.

She is still a big fan of sucking her thumb. It's the first thing she goes to if she's bored, tired, hungry, and pretty much everything else in between. It's super cute, but I'm trying to just let her suck it when she's in her crib and not when she's playing. 

I'll start her on solids this next month. Still completely don't want to, but apparently babies have to learn how to chew. 

This past month Paige has pooped in the bathtub quite a few times. It's just as much fun as it sounds.

This past week, Paige chose her favorite professional and college football teams.


Go Pack!

Happy 5 Months Paige!



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  1. Love your Beats for Beckham shirt all the way in Asia!