Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly RUNdown

It was a good and bad week for running.

I ran on Monday. It started raining as soon as I got outside. I thought about just going back inside, but I had already gotten ready and pumped, so I figured I could at least run a mile. 

The rain wasn't too bad so i figured I would go a bit longer. My first mile was 11:27. I was a little shocked and overly excited. I decided to run 2 miles then call it a day. Monday's are pretty busy for us-or at least they seem that way. As I was running my second mile I started to get really excited! My pace was less than 11 minutes!! That hasn't happened in well over a year!

My second mile was 10:47!!! I felt so encouraged and excited! I felt like I was officially "back" after pregnancy and postpartum. I couldn't believe my 2 miles were that good. It made my day!

In sad news, I didn't meet my running goal last week. Things were SO busy-we had something every day and night and it was exhausting! Paige is still waking up early and I couldn't bring myself to get up and run.

Tomorrow is a busy day too, so I'm probably going to wait to run on Wednesday. I really do want to keep at it and not give up. But sometimes the excuses just win.

here's to hoping for a good week!



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