Saturday, July 6, 2013

Paige's First Fourth!

This fourth of July was a very crazy, stressful, day! Both Daniel and I kind of reached our limit that day as far as living in a different culture here. Honestly, it was a rough day.

(ps. my friend just clued me into picstitch-woohoo!)

Here's a little back story-remember we got in bed at 2am Monday morning completely exhausted. So we were really looking forward to resting a bit on Monday, getting stuff done around the house, and I had class scheduled. Well, at 9:30 am the apartment above us started remodeling/demolishing their entire house. There was jackhammering, drilling, hammering, banging. It was SO loud Daniel and I couldn't even hear each other. Our mirrors were shaking, and we have white powder all over the house that their drilling knocked from our walls.  It kept Paige from sleeping, she didn't want to eat with all the noise, and they did this until 6pm. Ya'll my nerves were shot.

Daniel went up to ask them how long they were going to be working. They said it would be one more day. While he was up there, he saw concrete slabs. Concrete ya'll. Just imagine how loud that is.

anyways.....this continued the entire week. (they are banging now as I type this)

So come thursday I was about to lose it. I was trying to be patient, trying to be nice, but I was so close to a mental breakdown, it's not even funny.

So this is still happening on Thursday, our July 4th.

That morning I put Paige's cloth diapers in the washer. You have to wash cloth diapers 3 times. So we were pouring in hot water from our sink into the washer (cause we don't have hot water capability in our washer), and the washer didn't do anything. Nada.

Daniel went to get the repairman. So while the repairman is looking at our washer, the banging is still going on, and my teacher came over for class. Daniel left halfway during our class, because we had plans at a friends house for a big party. So Daniel leaves to go get the grill started. I'm trying to entertain Paige and have class with my teacher, whom I cannot hear.

I ended up ending class early because ya'll. The noise! Where is the xanax??

So Paige is fussing because she missed her naps. I'm trying to get everything ready to go the the party. I called my neighbor to let her know we were ready because we were going to walk together-it's about a 25 minute walk.

This is when the biggest thunder storm in the entire world happened. Lightning, thunder, and torrential rain. So we decided to taxi.

But it was the kind of rain that as soon as you walk outside you're drenched. By the time we walked to the front of our apartment complex, we were soaked!  It was kind of the last straw really. I think my saving grace was the fact that we were going to a party-where thankfully no one would be using a jackhammer.

Call me prideful, but is she not the most adorable thing you have ever seen???

Daniel's aunt and cousins gave Paige this outfit and it is sooooo cute!!! I forget where we got the bow, but it was too perfect! 

Paige seemed to enjoy her first fourth of july. She ended up staying up 2 hours past her bedtime. i kept hoping she'd fall asleep but there was way too much going for her and she didn't want to miss it.

Right before we left, I tried to get a family pic. Paige was way overtired at this point.

I knocked Daniel's coke that was in his other hand-so we're both looking to see if it spilled.

And the classic crying baby pic.

That was our July 4th.  Hope ya'll had a happy one!!


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