Wednesday, July 3, 2013

H to the K

Friday morning we were up at 4:30 (that's AM) to get to the airport by 6. We woke up our sweet little bundle and were on our way! Paige didn't seem to mind the early wake up call.

Trying to get a Mommy and Me pic, ha!

Friday we got to our hotel about 11ish. After dropping off our stuff we went off searching for the nearest Burger King. After walking around in the very hot and humid outside, we gave up finding BK and ate at Pizza Hut instead. Searching for food we couldn't find would become the theme of our weekend.

Pizza hut was delicious, even if we did wait an hour for our food. Then we walked around a bit. Daniel found some shorts at the GAP. I did find a super cute dress, but it was much too expensive. Some things in HK are just more expensive, just because. 

After walking around a bit we decided to head to a different location to eat Burger King. This is how Paige traveled when we were on the MTR (the subway.)

We got to BK and I went to order. I only eat their Original chicken sandwhich. I've never had anything else and I don't want to eat anything else. Guess what they did not have on the menu? Yes. So we were already sweating and hungry, I tried the spicy chicken sandwhich. I took one bite and one bite only. Daniel wouldn't even eat it. It was that bad ya'll.

So after a disappointing dinner, we were leaving and saw an organic food store next to the BK. Ironic right? So I went in and got Organic Sugar (made from evaporated cane juice) and Agave. It was really the hi light of the night for me. I was so excited!

Paige did great in the hotel. We had a crib, and while it took her a little longer to fall asleep. She did pretty good. The next morning Daniel ran out to get us McDonald's for breakfast. And I played with this little goober!

Paige went down for her morning nap and I went to go get my haircut by someone who spoke english! I was pretty excited! The haircut went great! I don't really have any good pics because I didn't really style it until we got home.

We walked around the mall near our hotel. We stayed in Causeway Bay and i loved the location! Everything was so close! We went to Toys R Us and got Paige a new chew toy. It was really fun to be able to pick something out for her. 

Paige also found her feet this weekend. She's played with them before, but she became obsessed this weekend. She would get upset when we put her footed pj's on and she couldn't chew on them anymore.

We used disposable diapers while we traveled. While convenient, I really missed the cloth. Paige pooped out of her disposable diapers twice, which has never happened in her cloth. She also got a little rash. I think it might've been from using regular wipes.

Saturday we were going to go to TGIFriday's. After sweating all the way there, come to find out it was gone. So then we walked to California Pizza Kitchen which was about a 15 minute walk away. You guessed it, it was gone also. So we're standing at the harbour sweating and hungry trying to decide where to eat. We decide to head home and find something. So I went to the local supermarket and picked up a ready meal they had. It was roasted chicken, potatoes, and grilled veggies. I honestly cannot remember the last time something tasted so good! And I have no idea the last time I had roasted chicken!!! yummers!

Here we are at the harbour!

After our many failed attempts at a decent western meal, we head to the Peak on Sunday and splurged at Bubba Gumps! I went there almost 5 years ago and loved it. It was just as good as I remembered. I got Mama's southern fried chicken! And apparently Paige looks big for her age, because they tried giving her crayons and later a balloon. 

TMI, but this is the first time I nursed in public not wearing a nursing tank. If I ever have to feed Paige around other people i wear a nursing tank to make sure I'm completely covered. I threw caution to the wind though because i was getting a little tired of them and for the love did I mention it was hot?! Another theme for the weekend was me feeding Paige at every random place possible.

After lunch we walked around a bit. There are amazing views at the Peak!!

(those are all skyscrapers!!)

We tried to get a family pic. 

Paige was amazing the whole trip!!! Despite her being in the stroller for hours in the heat, and missing her naps, she was so happy and cheerful. We couldn't believe how well she did. There was a meltdown on the plane ride back because it was 9:30 pm, we were delayed, and Paige was still awake. I've actually never seen her cry as hard as she did then. After a quick meal, she was out!

While HK was fun-(I brought back 2 avacadoes to make quac!!, bought organic peanut butter, and cream of chicken soup), there really is nothing like being home in your own bed. At at 2am Monday morning, we finally were there! 

That was our trip! have you ever been to HK?


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  1. We got engaged at the peak! So fun to see it again. HK will always be a fun place for us!