Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Ok, so after reading TPG this morning about how great she ROCKED her marathon....i was uber motivated to run. We were already planning on running tonight, and after checking the weather, i would need that extra motivation!!

I walked in the house tonight and told Daniel to suit up!! We were going to run. No, it didn't matter if there was a 30 % chance of snow, or that the wind chill was 31 (even though i'm convinced it was colder.)

I might have been overly cheerful about the run. I might have annoyed Daniel. It might have been sleeting when we ran......

It wasn't like we were dashing ice patches or anything......

Here's the BEFORE...notice the fear in Daniel's face

The run was toe hurt a bit, but no new blister which is great news!! And this was my first time to run with a hat...i def recommend it for cold (freezing!) runs.

I really miss the routine of running. I didn't think i would. I thought i would enjoy the freedom of not training and just doing whatever i wanted. But with no training schedule to follow right now, it's easy to give up a run and do something else, instead of making it a priority.

Despite the toe pain and slight drizzle, we kept our normal pace and felt SO good afterwards.


woo hoo!!!




  1. You are just beyond adorable. You know that? Love it that you are running in the cold! Hard to make yourself do - but so rewarding! (get some gloves girl!)

  2. Wow there is NO way I could have done that! You go girl!!!! I forgot about the mail until tonight and I when I opened the front door I just closed it. Mail can wait! It's cold out there!!!

  3. Awesome job! I absolutely adore your hat!