Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Part 2

After Christmas in Oklahoma, we drove to Texas to see my family. We got there on Christmas Eve and stayed till Monday. Sarah and the boys (Mike had to fly) came up Christmas afternoon.

My mom's obsessed with Christmas. She plays her music all year round, decorates in October, and keeps a couple things out all year.

My grandma made all of our stockings!

the tree!

2009 Christmas


Then the boys came!!!!!!

Grant squeezed me so hard- i loved it!

Grant's shirt says "I love my aunt"

love this! Ethan is such a ham!

You can't tell, but we're all dancing and cheering about opening stockings.....

The boys found Papa.

Here are some pics of us opening gifts. Ethan delivered our stockings.

The BIG present!

i love how oblivious Sarah is to what the boys are doing....ha!

Showing off Gogo's (grandma) new purse.

Love this book! I'm hoping that someday i can call myself a marathoner!

She's so cute!

Dad getting his kindle!

Ok, there's still so much to share, so i'll have to do a third post, ha! But, wanted to share a few Grantisms from the weekend.

When Grant opened his new Cars sleeping bag (which he never asked for and didn't even know what it was yet) he said "This is exactly what i wanted for Christmas!" and kept saying it over and over even though he had no clue what it was.

We gave Grant a book of bedtime stories, and he crawled up next to me and said "Will you read this to me since you're my best friend?" Break my heart!! I would've given him anything he wanted at that point!

When Grant was eating, Sarah was talking to him about doing something. And he said "Okay, my vanilla baby." We all died!!!!!! what is a vanilla baby???? we're still laughing about that one.

Stay tuned for more!!


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  1. It looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas!! Have a happy new year!