Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Part 1

Christmas Eve morning, we headed to Daniel's parents to celebrate with the fam. But of course, not without hitting up the Bux and getting our caffeine fix.

Daniel was ready for presents!

Baby J soaking it all in...

Here are some random pics from our morning...

The best gift...a little wind up dradle. it was a huge hit.

We spent the morning opening presents, then had a big breakfast with Grandpa Paul (not the grandpa in the hospital). Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of the food, i got too caught up in the eating to remember!

I got a ton of running stuff this year. I'm excited! I've been wanting this for a while so cars won't hit me when i run at night.

And if you're looking for something great to read....I wholehearedly recommend this. I love almost everything by Francine Rivers, and this book tops the charts. I loved it!

We also were able to give our World Vision gift that we purchased in honor of our parents this year. We bought 4 chickens and medical supplies for children. It was one of our favorite things we gave this year, and want to make it a new tradition for the future.

Next up...Christmas in Texas!


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