Monday, December 6, 2010

weekend rewind

Friday night we celebrated Daniel's birthday to make up for when he was sick on Monday.

We went to one of his fave's, BJ's. One thing i love about eating with Daniel is we have really similar tastes, so we can get different meals and both eat off one another's. I almost always want was he has instead of whatever i order.

Lucky for me, he's more selfless than i am and doesn't mind sharing with others :)

It was a really fun night, and i loved celebrating Daniel and his birthday!!!

Saturday, still no running, bc i want to make sure i fully heal before heading out again. (don't underestimate the power of a toe blister....if it's painful walking, chances are running won't be my friend).

We slept in......okay i was out of bed by 7. but still, that's sleeping in for us!!! We had a lovely home cooked breakfast  and laid around a lot. I went to Mardel's to look for a new Bible study. I just finished several months in Acts, and loved it. I felt like i was reading an intriguing story waiting to see what happened next. It didn't matter that i had studied it before, it was fresh and new to me this time, for which i'm grateful.

I'm SOOO picky when it comes to studies. I want them to be extremely deep and be focused on the Word. Give me the Greek! I have a hard time doing a study if the cover looks like i would've read it when i was 14. I'm sure the authors and content are wonderful, but i want a study that is borderline above my head so i feel challenged instead of talked down to.

okay, stepping down off the soap box.

I got a book about contentment, because everything in my life screams at me that i'm anything but: my attitude, my thoughts, my judgments.....I'm excited to start it tomorrow.

I made a version of Zuppa Tuscana for dinner and it was perfect, bc the wind chill was about 20 on Saturday.

Then we bundled in our blanket of comfort and settled in to watch the big game. Yes, the Big 12 championship....Boomer!!!.

It was SOOOO intense, the first half was pretty awful and we were down 17-0 at one point. We came back and won 23-20. go us.

This morning we went to church pretty excited. We went to a leadership meeting this afternoon and heard about a new direction the church is taking our morning classes. It's going to be something new for our church, and we're pretty pumped to be involved.

I just took these little treasures out of the oven, and i can assure you i'll be running this week, ha!

This next week is shaping up to look pretty day on Saturday to see the new Narnia movie. I can hardly wait!!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and if you have snow, rest assured that i'm insanely jealous of you right now. i can't wait for our first ice day!!

just for kicks here is our menu for the week:

Wed-Daniel's cooking (fish?)
Thurs/Fri-homemade pizza
Sat- Bulgogi


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  1. Hey Laura,
    What is the name of the book that you bought? I think I could use a bit of help in the contentment department. Have a great week!