Sunday, December 19, 2010

Work Party

Thursday night, was the annual work party. This is my first Christmas season at my job, so it's my first annual...

We all met at someone's house for "dinner, drinks, and dirty Santa."

I won't tell you how much i fretted over the definition of "dirty Santa." Does that mean a good gift, a crappy gift, something funny??

I always hate when you bring something nice and end up with a rock (that actually happened to me once). is the night in pictures.....

As soon as i would take a pic, people would pose. I kept telling them to act natural, which translated into act awkward.

(the tree was gorgeous!)

we look pretty normal....

George was totally working the pipe.

ok ok, let's get to the food!!

(i wish i had taken a before pic, because everything was set up so nicely)

We played white elephant/dirty santa, and every gift i took was stolen immediately from my hands. Lucky for me, i walked away at the end with a giftcard to the Bux! woo hoo!

I'm about to go for a run...just waiting as long as possible for those temps to creep on up!

have a great weekend!


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