Friday, December 24, 2010

Weekend rewind and everything else

Well!!! Where to even begin???

I'm off work for 12 straight days so i DO plan on catching up on blogging and everything in between.

here's a short list of future blog posts:

-Christmas with the fam
-our Christmas party with our Chinese students
-my emotions :)
-what God is teaching me

Last Saturday, Daniel and I went out to breakfast, which we so rarely ever do. It was fun to sleep in and go get breakfast together. Then we stocked up on groceries and last minute things for our student party on Sunday. We also spent the day just running errands and getting a few last minute gifts.

When it got a little warmer i went for a run. Best. Run. Evah!!!! I had the fastest average pace i've ever had, and had a 10:30 mile, the last mile. I felt amazing and loved every second of it. That runners high lasted for a while. It was an incredible run!

Saturday night was Christmas with Daniel's dad's side-grandparents, cousins, etc...We missed it last year, so i was super excited for this year! We all brought a gift (around $25ish) and did a white elephant. This was mine.....

Don't you just love the wrapping? I forgot to take a pic of the gift, but I brought a gift card to the movies, popcorn, Coke, cookies, and candy. I love a good themed gift!

A family friend, Zach (mucho talented!) brought this, and i gladly took it home!

This picture doesn't really do it justice. But he took a picture and then put it on this piece of wood. The detail work is just beautiful!!!! I want to have him do a Texas one for me and hang them side by side. He also did a gift for Daniel's parents....

Here are all the men standing around...i love this. It's also special because Grandpa (on right) was taken to the hospital this morning. We just got back from seeing him. The update now is that they are doing an arteriorgram this afternoon, and determine blockage areas and if a stint is needed. He'll probably be there for a day or two. Will you pray with me for healing?

Zach (guy who made the pics) and Daniel at their "guys only" table. I think i heard "boys rule and girls drool" somewhere in there too.

Tired but happy...

Cute little Ellie!!!! Ellie is quite the adorable little girl. And i love that no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, she always remembers me and runs to hug me. Warms my heart!

I have no idea what they're looking at but love that they have the same expressions: Grandma Rose and her mom aka Granny.


Every year, Grandma and Grandpa hide our gifts and read us a poem to give us individual hints to find our gift. I loved it!

My hint was a platter in the kitchen.....

Helping baby J with new his toy. Notice i ended up with all the kids gifts.....hmm.

We had such a wonderful night! Growing up we've never celebrated holidays with any family because we always lived so far away. I love that Daniel's family is so close and has big get-togethers. I try and soak it all up! I love the time spent eating dinner, sharing old stories, having tradittions...i love that i married into this family!

More updates to come..........



  1. I can guarantee you heard that comment at dinner! :-)