Monday, December 13, 2010

weekend rewind

ya'll know the drill...

Well, i thought this weekend was going to be laid back and relaxing. But the stress of this upcoming week and all the stuff that is going on, is enough to almost make me cry.


When i got home on Friday night we drove to the new gym that just opened near our house.

sidenote: we quit our gym membership in September cos we were mainly running outside and never went. So to save a little money we stopped our membership.

Well, it's been cold out lately. The wind chill this morning was 5 degrees. Hello!!!! that is cold!!!!! The wind in Oklahoma can be pretty brutal and i've never experienced a windier place. You can pretty much count on the wind all the time. Well with the cold temps, wind, and it being dark by the time i get home, running has just been more of a challenge lately. And Daniel has missed all the weights.

Friday night we went to the gym, and i couldn't make up my mind if i wanted to join, so Daniel signed up and we decided to go on Saturday morning to see if i liked it.

Okay, so my little running career started on the treadmill. And when i transitioned outside it was hard, but eventually got easier. I was planning on running 8 on Saturday, so was thinking i might be able to do 10 on a treadmill, since i remember it being easier.

The running was fine. The insane boredom i felt after running half a mile was killer. I BARELY ran 4 miles. I thought i was going to die from the boredom. So running outside it is for me!! i'll just have to layer :)

I went and got my haircut at a new (to me) place on Saturday. It was ok. I probably won't go back. I'm glad i tried a new place, but i'm going to stick with my girl in Dallas...less stress.

Saturday was also our date day/night. We went to see the new Narnia movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was amazing!!!!!!!!! There were biblical themes throughout the movie that you just can't deny. It not only brought conviction but encouragement as well. I like it better than the second one, and possibly better than the first. It seriously was that good.

I also just love going to the movies. But Daniel and I have tried to be really intentional about things that we allow on our tv, in our home, and what we let come before our eyes. Because of that it's so rare we watch new movies. I loved this because it truly is a clean movie that is funny, has adventure, and just great entertainment. I recommend for sure!!!! I loved being able to leave the movie saying how great it was, without having to say "yeah, except for that sex scene, or the language, or that one part..."

We ran into several friends while at the movies, which i always give Daniel a hard time about. Ever since living in Oklahoma we can't go anywhere without running into people we know. I'm convinced that Oklahoma only has a population of 500 people. ha!!

We went to a new (to us) restaurant for dinner. It was one of the best italian places!!! Sadly, i completely forgot i had my camera so i couldn't document the yumminess that was. But trust me.....yummy cheese bread, tortellini, and lasagna rolls.....SO SO good!!! We'd both heard amazing things about this place, and were so glad it didn't disappoint! Then we drove around to look at Christmas lights, then drove way across town so i could have the world's best chai (so not kidding about that) and get cupcakes.

sadly, we were too full last night to eat them, so we just ate them this afternoon!

After church today,we met Daniel's fam for lunch, went grocery shopping, and are getting ready for church tonight.

here's the schedule for the week:

Monday: dinner with church friends
Tuesday: Bulgogi (we didn't have to make it this weekend), and TBL finale!!!!! (i will be uber mad if Elizabeth gets in final 3)
Wednesday: Bulgogi leftovers and church to wrap and deliver Christmas baskets
Thursday: work Christmas party
Friday: Chicken something....and lots of errands
Saturday: errands, family Christmas dinner
Sunday: church, our student party


I'm overwhelmed because we have so many things that need to get done this week along with out regular activities....Christmas shopping, white elephant gifts, Christmas gifts, ingredients for our christmas party, trying to find time for at least 1 run this week......

But i'm trying to get organized and enjoy the activities we're doing, and not just get thru them. I love christmas and want to try and "be" where i am instead of looking ahead to the next event.

That was our weekend in a not so tiny nutshell.

hope everyone is relaxed and enjoying the Christmas season!!!!




  1. My husband and I saw that movie this weekend, too! We absolutely loved it! I would say it's my favorite of the Narnia movies. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Could you look any prettier?! Wow. you look great, Laura! I feel like I sound creepy, but you know what I mean. Merry Christmas, y'all!