Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Part 3

Honestly, I blame the children. If we didn't have any kids at Christmas, these posts would have a lot less pics and a lot less cuteness.

So, Christmas Day at the Grant Household, take two.

New long sleeve running T for me, yay!!!

My 'Dapper Dan' reading one of his new books.

Ethan putting Mommy to sleep.

It doesn't matter if we have 2 or 20 people at Christmas, mom will always make a turkey to feed a small village. I'm not sure she even knows they come in smaller sizes.

(see the cute Christmas dishes in the background? Mom got these when we lived overseas. I LOVE using them during the holidays!)

You know i take tons of self pics. And they look like this....

Dad thought he would join in on the fun too.

(he actually told me to delete this pic, but my camera, my blog :)

Sunday night we were ready to eat something besides turkey so we ran and picked up Chinese. I was so proud of the boys using chopsticks!!

Even 2 year old Ethan got in on the action.

Other than a few select toys, the boys played in two cardboard boxes most of the time. This is where I found Ethan...i'm sure they don't come any cuter.

NYE plans?

Last year Daniel was sick on New years, and let's just say, he owes me. This year, I'm WAY excited because we're going to a fancy wedding tonight! I've never really been cool enough to have amazing NYE plans, so this excites me all the more.

We're going to dress up and party the night away, i can't wait! You will def be seeing pictures!

what are your plans/traditions for new years??

Today i'm going to get a massage that was part of Daniel's Christmas present to me. I. can. not. wait. I love a good massage that leaves me hurting for a few days. If i'm not in pain, they're not doing it right, ha!

Grandpa update: Grandpa is in triple bypass surgery right now! Pray for quick recovery and ultimate healing! We saw him a few days ago and he was looking pretty good. I'll keep you updated!


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  1. Ethan in the box is just so adorable! I need some of these pics. I forgot about trying to fall asleep on the couch, but I WAS SICK!! :)