Saturday, July 9, 2011

Best meal ever

I have to document this.

Kelly's Enchilada Ring recipe has been a fave of ours for a while. I double the sour cream and only add black olives to a portion because Daniel hates black olives. I usually use lime juice, but i haven't seen limes here, so i used lemon juice instead.

I really wanted to make this recipe here, however crescent rolls are unheard of. But a friend of mine has a recipe blog and had a recipe for homemade crescent rolls! So i decided to give it a whirl...

The rolls were actually much easier to make than i would've thought. I did skip the step of rolling them up and letting them rise for 30 minutes, because the enchilada ring recipe calls for the crescents to be unrolled. After letting the dough rise for an hour i just rolled them out and filled them.

Here is the finished product.......

It was definitely the best i've ever been able to make it. I mean seriously, Daniel and i agreed it was probably the best thing i've ever made. Ever. The homemade crescent rolls were to die for!

Sidenote, i did run 3 miles yesterday. It was actually harder than i thought it would be, but since it's been so long, i know it will take a while to get back to where i want to be.

Cultural side note: I decided to take the bus to a store yesterday so i could pay 0.25 rather than $3 for a taxi. Well, it took me almost an hour to find the bus stop. I got on and after riding around for a while i asked if we were going to the store. Everyone told me i was on the right bus but was going the wrong way. No problem i thought, i'll just ride it till we get there.

Then the bus stopped at the station and everyone got off.

A sweet old man took pity on me and helped me find the right bus to get on. I sat on the empty bus for about 10 minutes. Then we went right back to where i first got on the bus. Apparently there are 2 stops on the same street for this bus. One side takes you one way, the other takes you another. So 2 hours later i was at my store. I taxied home :)



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  1. If you can find it, substitute fat free Greek yogurt for sour cream. Tastes the same in cooking and is very good for you!
    Similar bus situation happened to me my first week in Austin. At least you have a language barrier to blame - I did not!