Saturday, July 16, 2011

Eating and Running

That pretty much sums up my week, ha!

This week I ran twice. I ran a 5K, and then 4 miles this morning. It feels really good to be running consistently again. I would like to get back up to about 6 miles, but don't really feel the push to run longer than that right now. There is a half marathon in our city next year that i really want to train for, but for now.....i'd take 6.

This past week has been unseasonably cool. We had about 3 days in the 70's with nice breezes. It was nice to have the windows open for a few days. It's hot again today. Not hot like ya'll are experiencing, but still hot and humid.

Which brings me to a new love i have.....

I was at a friends house about 2 weeks ago and was served ice coffee. Let it be known that i am a coffee snob, including iced. I have a deep passionate love and appreciation for McDonald's Sugar-free-vanilla iced coffees. Clearly i can't get those here. BUT, i tried it at my friends house and i'm officially hooked!

Sidenote: You can't get coffee creamer here (you can get the powder but it's about $11). So most people (including me) buy coffee syrups from coffee shops. I bought Hazelnut a few weeks ago.'s the recipe for the iced coffee i'm now in love with:

Brew coffee-put in fridge to get cold.
Once cold, pour over ice and add milk and coffee syrup.
Drink and enjoy!

disclaimer: maybe you all have been making your own iced coffee for a while now, but i've always had my doubts about it. I am now a believer.

After my run this morning, we had breakfast burritos. We don't have salsa, so it was just sausage, eggs, and cheese. It was delish!

I'm attempting to make my own ricotta cheese tomorrow. I'll try and document it to let you know how it goes. After conquering the homemade crescent rolls, i'm hoping this will go well too!

Sidenote: I tried to make a dessert this week that i've made 100 times in the states. But i had to make my own whipping cream. The whipping cream came out okay, but the dessert as a whole was a complete failure. Like, the worst the thing i have EVER made. Ever. It was a sad day.

Anyways.....this past week has been pretty busy with language and responsibilitiess that we have here. This week should be a little less crazy. I'll let ya know :)



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