Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life here

We've been here in East Asia for exactly one month today.

One of the things i did almost as soon as we moved here, was go to the dish market. It's about a $5 taxi ride one way from our house (which means it's actually far!). Anything more than $1.50 taxi ride i consider far. I went with a friend of mine to buy plates, bowls, etc....

There are some normal stores that have very plain dishes, some fine china, and glasses. There are also a few stalls that sell all sorts of dishes that you can pick and choose from. Some dishes you'll see in every store, and some stores are the only one who sell that pattern.

I fell in love with these!


I bought 10 large plates, 10 small plates, 6 bowls, 2 large serving bowls, and 3 platters for about $50! I love getting a great deal!!! And i love bartering, which works since almost everything you buy here (except at large stores) is negotiable!

There is a design on the side of the bowls that i really like.

What's funny is that they had my exact same pattern that we got from Dillard's (that we left in the States) when we got married! EXACT same!!! Not shockingly, it was a lot cheaper here. So at least i can buy replacement pieces if i ever need them :)

Daniel and I are still taking language class 4 days a week. We use a lot of objects and things that we have in our house. Our teacher will tell us to put the knife on top of the cup, put the comb inside the blue book, things like that, so it's always a little crazy looking!

This is what our table looks like most days.

I'm planning on running tomorrow, maybe 2.5 miles?? What are ya'll doing this weekend??



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